• Ruins of Madzimbabwe Civilization.
    Madzimbabwe Civilization: the Great Zimbabwe City State.
    Prof. Mhoze Chikowero teaches African History from deep time African perspectives.

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Welcome to the new UCSB History Department website! We are a diverse and dynamic department. Browsing through our website, you will learn about the research interests of our faculty, about our undergraduate program with its two popular majors and three minors, and about our stellar graduate program. I encourage you to check out upcoming events organized by our research clusters, by our Colloquium Committee, and by our undergraduate History Club. Events include our Political Economy Colloquium, our Focal Point Dialogues in History, and our Public History series. The History Associates, our community organization, is regularly hosting talks for a general audience that meet on campus and across the Santa Barbara area. Get inspired and find out how history matters!

— Stephan Miescher, History Department Chair

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