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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement

The UCSB Department of History is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in the curriculum, classroom, and beyond. Diversity is a defining feature of humanities’ past, present, and future. It is the variety of experiences, values, and perspectives that arise from differences. Diversity can derive from any number of qualities, including race, ethnicity, class, gender, culture, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexuality, legal and educational status, age, national origin, epistemological approaches, and geographic region. Inclusion occurs when we act upon our commitment to cultivate diversity by developing and implementing policies and practices that contribute to an equitable representational and remunerative environment. Equity signals our commitment to social justice and recognition of historical injustices.

Our pledge to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity stems from our commitment to the free and open exchange of ideas and expression of alternative viewpoints as we discuss, debate, and evaluate the state of our interconnected world. We welcome, too, creativity and curiosity that lead to discovery and excellence. We support the mission of the University of California, which is to serve the interests of our state by ensuring that our students and employees reflect the diversity of our population. By broadening, deepening, and exchanging our understanding of the past, present, and future, we can help prepare our students to participate in an increasingly complex and global society.