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Labor Studies (minor)

The Minor in Labor Studies program is interdisciplinary in scope, incorporating a variety of courses throughout the humanities and social sciences to offer students an integrated understanding of work, labor, ethnicity, politics and economy. It combines academic study with an internship experience to prepare students for a variety of relevant careers and/or graduate study. Click HERE for more information!


Click to view the requirements for the Minor in Labor Studies:

Helpful tips for labor studies minors:

1.) Courses fulfilling area A (HIST 167CB, 174B, or 174C) are sometimes only offered by the history department once per year. Be sure to keep up to date on when these courses are being offered by checking out the history department yearly course offerings.

2.) History 167Q is the capstone course for this minor. In this course, minors will complete an internship and write a 20-page research paper on some aspect of the internship. This course is only offered once per year. If you plan to graduate early, you may need to take this course in your junior year. 

3.) History and History of Public Policy and Law majors also minoring in Labor Studies may not use the History 167Q course towards their major requirements, and may not use history courses for the elective portion of the minor (Area C). 

Want to declare a minor in labor studies? Click HERE.