History Graduate Admission for Fall 2021, (last updated Fall 2020)

The History Department has moved to a new model of admission in which it will be rotating fields in its admission process. We are especially interested in applicants who contribute to the department’s commitment to diversity and in applicants who are pursuing transnational and transregional approaches. Please contact prospective mentors before submitting an application.

This year, we will be admitting students in the following fields (to begin in the program in the Fall of 2021):

Any questions, please contact Rhiannon Parisse (rparisse@ucsb.edu)

Prospective Graduate Program Student Information

Since opening its doors, the History Department at UC Santa Barbara has become recognized as one of the top 10 doctoral programs. We invite you to explore what the UCSB History Department has to offer and to discover first-hand:

  • The UCSB History Department has a strong reputation in research. All of our faculty are highly active in research and recognized as leaders in their field.
  • In 2013, US News and World Report ranked our graduate program in Women’s History #7 in the nation, above all other west coast schools.
  • The department is home to one of the original and best-known Public History programs in the country, and to the flagship journal The Public Historian.
  • Our doctoral program, has an outstanding reputation, both within the UC system and in the profession at large. Since 2000, two of our PhDs have won the Council of Graduate Schools/University Microfilms International Distinguished Dissertation Award for the best dissertation in the Humanities and Fine Arts.
  • Our graduate students regularly garner extra-mural fellowships for their dissertation research.
  • Recent academic job placements include Smith College, UC Irvine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Maryland, Colorado State, Loyola University of Chicago, and the University of San Diego. Many of our graduates have also pursued careers outside formal academia including museums, archives, publishing, and government.

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More Information

For more information, contact Rhiannon Parisse, Graduate Program Assistant (Graduate Admissions).

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