History Senior Honors Colloquium

group image of students and professor from the 2019 History Senior Honors Colloquium

The History Honors Senior Thesis Colloquium was a great success this year thanks to Professor Adrienne Edgar and all the students, discussants, friends and family who put so much time and energy into the event.  The papers covered a wide range of themes but many examined how race, gender, and political machinations undercut individual rights in the 19th and 20th century US.  

Here is a list of the day’s events.

Session I (9:15-10:45)  Race and Ethnicity

Ciaran Hiney  (Spickard)  “Resilient Beyond Measure:  Japanese-American Coping Mechanisms During WWII Internment.”  Discussant: Prof. Kate McDonald

Jeffrey Kaplan (Bergstrom)  “To Mislead and Misrepresent: The Failure of the Ninth Census.” Discussant: Prof. Giuliana Perrone

Ashlynn Deu Pree (Spickard)   “White by Association: The Mixed Marriage Policy of Japanese American Internees” Discussant: Mika Thornburg

Session II (11:00-12:30)   Foreign Policy and Law

Noah Fleishman  (Amihay) “Carter’s Middle Eastern Policy and the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement”  Discussant: Prof. Salim Yaqub

Shervin Rafie (Yaqub) “The Eisenhower Doctrine in Syria: Intervention Behind the Scenes.”  Discussant:  Dr. Munther al-Sabbagh

Calvin Chiu (Kalman) “How to Lose a Supreme Court Nominee in 115 Days:  The Story of the Robert Bork Confirmation and its Legacy Today,” Discussant: Prof. Randy Bergstrom

 Session III  1:30-3:00    Colonialism and Eugenics

Nicholas Papazyan (Chavez Garcia)  “The Darkest Chapter in the Golden State:  A Legal History of Coerced Eugenic Sterilization in California” Discussant: Prof. Laura Kalman

Julia Madden-Fulk  (Bergstrom) “From ‘Early Days’ to Alcatraz:  A History of Native American Engagement with Public Space in California, 1890-present.”  Discussant: Prof. Ann Plane

James Paules (Chikowero)  “One Tide, Separate Shores: Towards a Delocalized Colonial Studies.” Discussant: Prof. Stephan Miescher

Session IV  (3:15-4:45)   Education and Public Policy

Sarah Kinane (Rappaport)  “How Reagan Starved Children:  The History of California’s School Lunches under the Reagan Administration.” Discussant: Prof. Lisa Jacobson

Chelsea Borg (Lichtenstein)  “Unpaid Interns:  ‘Breaking Persistent Barriers’ without Employee Status and Anti-Discrimination Protections?” Discussant: Nora Kassner

Kristina Ruvalcaba (Lichtenstein) “The Pacific Research Institute’s Influence on Labor, Education, and Healthcare. Discussant: Prof. Alice O’Connor