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Studies in Late Antiquity– New Issue Now Available.

Studies in Late Antiquity (SLA) is a forum for innovation and reflection on global Late Antiquity (150 – 750 CE) which questions and expands on received models and methods. Primary points of interest include interconnections between the Mediterranean and Africa, Iran, Arabia, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the British Isles, China, India and all of Asia, as well as disrupting the assumed connection between the late ancient/Christian Mediterranean and modern, western Europe.  Studies in Late Antiquity is currently based in the UCSB History Department under the editorship of Prof. Elizabeth Digeser.


Stories from Syria: A Crossroads and Its Legacy
Elizabeth DePalma Digeser
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 1-3 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.1


The Monasteries founded by the Thirteen Syrian Fathers in Iberia: The Rise of Monasticism in Sixth-Century Georgia
Shota Matitashvili
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 4-39 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.4

Late Antique Christian Law in the Eastern Roman Empire: Toward a New Paradigm
Yifat Monnickendam
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 40-83 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.40

Late Antique Ionic Column Capitals in the Countryside of Central Palestine between Provincial Trends and Classical Traditions
Itamar Taxel
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 84-125 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.84


Review: Late Antiquity in Contemporary Debate, edited by Rita Lizzi Testa
Ingvild Sælid Gilhus
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 126-128 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.126

Review: The Virgin in Song: Mary and the Poetry of Romanos the Melodist, by Thomas Arentzen
Ellen Muehlberger
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 129-131 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.129


Review: Cultures in the Crossfire: Stories from Syria and Iraq
Kostis Kourelis
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.1: 132-143 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.1.132