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UCSB History Grads Publish, Win Jobs and Fellowships

Also alumni/ae news and history majors going to grad school.


Rafaela Acevedo-Field (Latin America; Prof. Cline) has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professorship in History at Whitworth University (Spokane, WA). Rafaela earned her M.A. in the Latin American and Iberian Studies program and will complete her doctorate in History, writing on crypto-Jews and the Mexican Inquisition during the 17th century.

Ricardo Caton (Latin America; Prof. Soto Laveaga) has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professorship at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Sarah Griffith (Asian-American History; Prof. Spickard) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship in History at Queen’s University (Charlotte, NC), to begin in fall 2011. Sarah is currently teaching at Willamette University.

Susan Falck (Prof. Jacobsen, Ph.D. 2012) has accepted a position as manager of the Rancho Camulos Museum in Piru, CA. Rancho Camulos, as many of you may know, was the setting for Helen Hunt Jackson’s famed novel Ramona..

April Haynes (U.S. History; Prof. Cohen) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship in History at the University of Oregon.

Jill Jensen (U.S. History, Prof. Furner) has just accepted a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the new program on Labor Rights in a Global Economy being developed at the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Penn State University. Jill’s dissertation, close to completion, is titled “International Labor Standards and the Building of Two Postwar Eras, 1916-1954.”

Kirsten Ziomek (East Asia; Prof. Frühstück) has won a two-year postdoc/visiting assistant professorship at Hamilton College (Clinton, NY).


Jill Briggs (Latin America/Science; Profs. Soto Laveaga/Osborne) has been awarded a Rockefeller Archive Center Grant in Aid to support her research on Jamaica and the Rockefeller Foundation’s activities in Jamaica.
Jill’s first publication, ‘”As fool-proof as possible”: Overpopulation, Colonial Demography and the Jamaica Birth Control League”‘ will appear in April 2011 in The Journal of the Global South, Special Issue on Globalization and the Caribbean.

Abby Dowling (Medieval Europe; Prof. Farmer) has received an Albert and Elaine Borchard Fellowship, which will support her during the final stages of the archival research for her dissertation, Land and Natural Resource Management in Northern France, 1302-1329: The County of Artois Under Countess Mahaut.

Jason Linn (Ancient History; Profs. Digeser and Lee) has won a UCSB Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

  • Elizabeth Shermer (Ph.D. 2009, Lichtenstein) is the winner of the 2011 UCSB Lancaster Dissertation Competition in the field of Humanities and Fine Arts. A faculty committee from HFA awards the prize to a recent Ph.D. whose dissertation is judged of the highest quality. Her dissertation was titled “Creating the Sunbelt: The Political and Economic Transformation of Phoenix, Arizona.”
    Ellie is now a Mellon Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

    Jay Stemmle (Medieval Europe; Prof. Farmer) has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship, which will enable her to spend the 2011-2012 academic year in Belgium conducting archival research on forms of self-organization among the residents of twelfth- and thirteenth-century leprosaria.

    Lily Anne Welty (Asian-American History; Prof. Spickard) has won the Dean’s Prize Teaching Fellowship at UCSB. Lily will be teaching a course on “The Pacific War and Modern Memory” in 2011-2012.


    • Isaiah Helekunihi Walker (Ph.D. 2006) has published Waves of Resistance: Surfing and History in 20th Century Hawai’i (University of Hawai’i Press, 2011)($19 at amazon.com)
    • Melissa Kravetz (B.A. 2003): in March 2011 Melissa defended her history Ph.D. thesis, Creating a Space in the Medical Profession:  Female Physicians, Maternalism, and Eugenics Work in Weimar and Nazi Germany (University of Maryland, College Park)
    • Elizabeth Shermer (Ph.D. 2009) published “It Takes an Academic Village to Raise a Scholar: The Collaborative Journey to Publication,” Perspectives (April 2011), 33-35. This is about how to move a seminar paper from first draft to publication.

    Some news about undergraduate acceptances and placements has come in as well:

    • Kelsey Jones: accepted at UVA and NYU law schools
    • Risa Katzen (B.A. 2010): Stanford University history Ph.D. program
    • Catherine Kwon: accepted by Berkeley, Cornell, UCLA and USC graduate programs
    • Rhiannon Maxwell (B.A. 2010): Oxford University history
    • Shauna Woods: accepted at Penn and Duke law schools

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