Talk by Prof Rui Kohiyama on American Women Missionaries and Romantic Love in Meiji Japan

HSSB 4080 4080 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Please join us in welcoming Professor Rui Kohiyama (American and Gender Studies, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University) to UCSB. Professor Kohiyama will give a talk on “American Woman Missionaries, Christian Homes, and Romantic Love in Meiji Japan.” American women missionaries are well known for their educational and reformatory intervention in various mission fields in Asia. Although their initiatives in criticizing child [...]

Conference: Realisms in East Asian Performing Arts

University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Realisms in East Asian Performing Arts proposes new considerations of realism on stage. Since its association with 19th-century innovations in European and American drama, theatrical realism has largely remained limited to Euro-American definitions. We explore conventions of realism in culturally-specific locations and times across East Asia, articulating alternative histories of realism that extend from the premodern into the present. Through [...]

Lily Anne Welty Tamai, “Mixed-Race Black Identities in Postwar Japan and Okinawa”

Zoom CA

The East Asia Center welcomes UCSB History alumna Dr. Lily Anne Welty Tamai (Asian American Studies, UCLA) for a talk on "Mixed-Race Black Identities in Postwar Japan and Okinawa." Mixed-race people born at the end of World War II made history quietly with their families and their communities. Wars and the military occupations that followed, coupled with increased migration across [...]


Women in Chinese Silent Cinema

SSMS 2135 Social Sciences and Media Studies Building, Santa Barbara, CA

In this lecture, Paul Pickowicz will screen compelling clips from Chinese silent-era films of the 1920s and 1930s.  Pickowicz will emphasize the diverse roles played by women and ask questions about why the women seen on screen, including such iconic figures as Ruan Lingyu, Li Lili, and Wang Renmei, were far more important than men to the success of Chinese [...]

History and East Asia Center presents Aaron Skabelund’s talk “Inglorious, Illegal Bastards: Japan’s Self-Defense Force During the Cold War” | Mar 1 | 4PM | HSSB 4020

HSSB 4020 University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

 The Self-Defense Force— Japan’s post-World War II military—and specifically the Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF), struggled for legitimacy in a society at best indifferent to them and often hostile to their very existence. This talk focuses on the GSDF and its efforts, in the form of natural disaster relief operations, civil engineering projects, and support for the events such as [...]

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