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UCSB History PhD Alumna Wins a Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship

JChapmanMost faculty who have been around for a while and perhaps a few grad students will remember Jessica Chapman, who studied Vietnamese history at UCSB and wrote a great book: Cauldron of Resistance: Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and 1950s Southern Vietnam (Cornell University Press, 2013). She is now a professor of history at Williams College.

Jessica has just won a three-year, $240,000 Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship to pursue her next project, a cultural and economic study of Kenya’s running industry. The grant will cover professional-level training in anthropology as well as an extended period of research. You can learn more about Jessica’s project here: http://communications.williams.edu/news-releases/5_6_2016_chapman_mellon/.

Jessica’s marks the second Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship won by one of UCSB’s former History PhDs this year alone.