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Prof. Méndez wins prize for her book on the formation of the Peruvian State

It was voted no. 1 of 2014 publications by leading scholars of Peruvian history

Prof. Cecilia Méndez’s book La República Plebeya: Huanta y la formación del Estado Peruano, 1820-1850 (Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, 2014)[The Plebeian Republic: The Huanta Rebellion and the Making of the Peruvian State, 1820–1850], was voted “the best book of history of 2014” in a survey of 35 international and Peruvian historians specializing in Peru. Méndez’s book ranked Number 1 on a list of over a hundred books of history including books published by Peruvian, Spanish, Mexican, U.K. and United States academic presses.

Survey results:
Estos son “Los Diez Mejores Libros de Historia del 2014”

In this updated and substantially revised Spanish version of her award-winning book The Plebeian Republic (Duke, 2005), Prof Mendez questions long-established assumptions about political history, rural society, “warlordism,” the State, and about what it means to be a liberal, a monarchist, a Peruvian and a citizen, by stressing the political role of peasants in national history. You can see her discuss the book in Spanish in this 34 minute youtube clip.

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