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Prof. Chikowero Interviewed on Afropop.org

Listen to his interview on the PRI syndicated show, accompanied by Thomas Mapfumo’s music.

UCSB History professor Mhoze Chikowero recently completed the first of two books based on his PhD research on Zimbabwean colonial and post-colonial history. That book, African Music, Power and Being, Colonial Zimbabwe, deals extensively with the role of music in the shaping of modern cultural and political realities in Zimbabwe before and after its formal independence in 1980.

Chikowero is also a lifelong observer of the music and public life of Thomas Mapfumo (wikipedia). Afropop’s Banning Eyre interviewed him for the second installment in our Hip Deep profile of Mapfumo: “Thomas Mapfumo, Part 2: The Mugabe Years.” Here’s the complete text of their conversation.

You can also listen to the interview with musical accompaniment: https://soundcloud.com/afropop-worldwide.

hm 2/10/13