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Prof. Hasegawa on BBC and Cited in New York Times

Op-ed on “The Myth of Nuclear Necessity” references Hasegawa’s research.

In December 2012 the BBC’s National Geographic Channel aired a program: “Nagasaki: the Forgotten Bomb,” in its series titled, “Seconds from Disaster.” UCSB’s own Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa figures prominently in the program.

Watch Nagasaki – The Forgotten Bomb (45 mins.) on youtube. (Hasegawa is in the trailer and starting at about 18:40.)

See also this Jan. 14, 2013 New York Times op-ed
“The Myth of Nuclear Necessity”

Professor Hasegawa’s research is cited:

“The first is the myth that nuclear weapons altered the course of World War II. Leaving aside the morality of America’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, new research by the historian Tsuyoshi Hasegawa and other scholars shows that Japan surrendered not because of the atom bomb but because the Soviets renounced neutrality and joined the war. Sixty-six Japanese cities had already been destroyed by conventional weapons — two more did not make the difference. Attributing surrender to the bomb was also convenient for Japan’s leaders, allowing them to blame defeat on a “miracle” weapon. “

Follow the link below for the full article.

Finally, there was an interview with him in June 2012 in Italy:
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa: ‘The Crowd in the Russian Revolution‘,” an interview at the Bellagio Center.

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