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Sarah Cline Named Outstanding Graduate Mentor;Toshi Hasegawa Named UCSB’s Faculty Research Lecturer

History Dept. continues to dominate campuswide awards

Apr. 11, 2010: The History Department is pleased to announce that Prof. Sarah Cline has been selected as a recipient of an Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. This award is a testament to Prof. Cline’s skills and dedication as a mentor, and another piece of evidence confirming the high quality of our graduate program.
In previous years History Profs Drake (2006-07), Spickard (2007/08), and Cohen (2008-09) have won this award as well. (2009 News item)

Prof. Cline received her award at the April 22 session of the UCSB Faculty Legislature. Here is the text of the award announcement:

We are pleased to announce that Professor Sarah Cline is the recipient of a 2010 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. As member of the faculty in the Department of History for more than 25 years, Professor Cline has chaired six PhD committees, and served as member of another 29 doctoral committees. Furthermore, in Latin American & Iberian Studies, she has chaired an additional eight thesis committees and served on another 22. The breadth of her studies is evidenced by the committees that she has also served on in Sociology, Religious Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, and Global & International Studies.

One of her colleagues writes of Professor Cline, “Sarah is passionate about graduate student mentoring. It gives her deep satisfaction and she invests a great deal more time in it than she ‘needs’ to because she enjoys it so much. Her pride in her students is palpable, both in those who would not have finished without her help and those who achieve brilliantly.”

Another faculty colleague notes, “Few mentors work harder or to more good effect with graduate students than Sarah. She takes on quite a large number of students, in Latin American & Iberian Studies as well as in History. She is on many committees as a second, third, or fourth reader, yet contributes as much work as even the students’ primary mentor.”

“I know several students who, were it not for Sarah’s intervention, keen listening ear, and willingness to crack the whip, would not have stayed in the program; yet because of her actions they have stayed, completed their degrees, and gone on to solid positions in the professoriate.”

One of her former students comments, “Professor Cline is an unusually devoted mentor, one who goes out of her way to give her ear to students in need, to find potential when perfection is still lacking, and to assure that students who work with her – whether they are her own mentees or not – learn the fundamentals that are required for academic success, and who then follows through at every step of their careers.”

For her dedication and exemplary mentorship of graduate students Professor Sarah Cline is awarded an Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Congratulations, Professor Cline!

Feb. 17, 2010: We are also pleased to announce that Prof. Toshi Hasegawa has been selected as this year’s Faculty Research Lecturer. This is the highest honor that the UCSB Academic Senate can bestow upon one of its members, and only one Faculty Research Lecturer is selected every year. This honor is a fitting tribute to Toshi’s tremendous scholarly career. (UCSB Faculty’s Highest Honor Goes to Hasegawa: History Prof Best Known for WWII Research.”

You can also view this Jan. 2008 UCTV interview of Prof. Hasegawa by our own Prof. Talbott on YouTube.

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