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2009-2010 Graduate Students: Meet the Entering Class

The History Department extends a warm welcome to its 11 newest members!

From left to right: Samantha Thompson (History of Science), Clinton Smith (U.S. history), Melissa Barthelemy (U.S. history), Peninah Walpo (Late Antiquity), Jay Stemmle (Medieval Europe), Alison Jefferson (Public History), Paul Barba (U.S. history), Chris Kegerreis (Ancient Mediterranean).
Seated: Graduate Program Assistant Darcy Ritzau, History Chair John Majewski.
(photo credit: Hal Drake)

Not pictured: Veronica Ehrenreich (Public History), Zachary McKiernan (Public History), Michael Spielman (U.S. history).

Note: Each graduate student has their own departmental webpage. See the full listing under People.

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