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History major degree audits available on GOLD.

History majors are now able to do a history degree audit via GOLD. This will check which history major requirements remain to be fulfilled. It will also show which GEs have yet to be completed.

Instructions for running a degree audit

1) Log on to GOLD
2) Select “Academic History”
3) Click the tab titled “Degree Audit”
4) Click the “Run Audit” button
5) View the results

This program is new and still has some glitches.

Known problems:
1) transfer work of non articulated courses not showing as fulfilled for major requirement.
2) semester 1 and 2 not showing a completed sequence (e.g. Hist 101 and 102 at SBCC should give 17ABC credit
not just 17A and 17C).
3) EAP work not showing on the audit.

Please run the audit and notify me (tucker@history.ucsb.edu) of any problems that you find so I can correct them.


Mike Tucker
Undergraduate History Advisor