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UCSB History faculty published five new books in 2007.

This list of publications gives a sample of the interesting and innovative research produced by historians at UCSB.

(note: missing from the photograph is Prof. Lee’s A Greek Army on the March; the photographer inadvertently included Prof. Sonnino’s 2008 Mazarin’s Quest instead of Prof. Miescher’s Africa after Gender; see the 2008 new publications News item photo.)

  • Anthony Barbieri-Low‘s new book is Artisans in Early Imperial China (University of Washington Press, 2007). Artisans in Early Imperial China is a contextualized social history of male and female artisans from the Qin and Han periods (ca. 221 BCE – 220 CE). The book is reviewed in Time Magazine’s Asia edition. Read more at Amazon.com. It also won the AHA’s Breasted Prize in 2007 (UCSB History News item).
  • Nancy Gallagher‘s latest book is Quakers in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Dilemmas of Humanitarian Activism (American University in Cairo Press, 2007). Gallagher examines the peacemaking and assistance activities of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker service organization, in Palestine during the late 1940s. Her book provides essential historical insights for today’s peacemakers, human rights activists, and humanitarian NGOs. Read more at Amazon.com.
  • Toshi Hasegawa‘s new edited volume is The End of the Pacific War: Reappraisals (Stanford University Press, 2007). This book offers state-of-the-art reinterpretations of the reasons for Japan’s decision to surrender. Five distinguished historians review the evidence and the arguments—and agree to disagree. The contributors are Barton J. Bernstein, Richard Frank, Sumio Hatano, Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, and David Holloway. The book is reviewed by Akira Iriye in International History Review 30.1 (March 2008).
  • John W.I. Lee‘s new book, A Greek Army on the March: Soldiers and Survival in Xenophon’s Anabasis (Cambridge University Press, 2007), tells the story of Greek mercenary soldiers during the fifth century BC. Download free excerpts from Cambridge’s web site or read more at Amazon.com. A Greek Army on the March was a finalist for the 2008 Runciman Award sponsored by the Anglo-Hellenic League.
  • Paul Spickard‘s latest book is Almost All Aliens: Immigration, Race, and Colonialism in American History and Identity (Routledge, 2007). Almost All Aliens is the most thorough reinterpretation of the shape and meaning of immigration in United States history to have appeared in several decades. Read more at Amazon.com

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