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American History & Institutions Exam 9/27/2016

HSSB 3038

American History & Institutions Exam Alternative way of satisfying UCSB AH & I GE requirement, 01/11/2017 9:00-12:00 am in HSSB 3038 Well in advance of the exam date, contact Monica I. Garcia Ph.D. for information regarding the exam to satisfy the American History and Institutions general education requirement and to obtain the required reading list, please […]

American History & Institutions Exam

HSSB 3038

Alternative way of satisfying UCSB AH & I GE requirement. Those students interested in taking the exam must contact the HIST undergraduate advisor, Monica I. Garcia, to obtain the reading list for the exam a minimum of two weeks prior to the exam date. migarcia@hfa.ucsb.edu    HSSB 4036