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Honors Theses Archive, 1981 – 2007


Busta, Nicholas, 2007.
Abandoned and Alone: The Mistakes that Led to the Loss of the Battle of Wake Island
Professor Talbott

Ernst, Taylor, 2007.
Was the Great Persecution of Christians caused by the Manichaens? The Significance of the Manichaean Persecution in the time of Diocletian.
Professor Drake

Gilmore, Kaitlyn, 2007.
Community Controversies: The Politics of Educational Alternatives in Alum Rock, 1970-1976.
Professor O’Connor

Laycook, Aaron, 2007.
Martyrs or Murderers? The Controversy of Christian Violence in the Later Roman Empire
Professor Drake

Morain, Clara, 2007.
Blowing It: The Development and Demise of Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees, 1978-1989.
Professor Bergstrom

Oleson, Graham, 2007.
Breaking New Ground: Challenges of the National Defense Education Act of 1958.
Professor Bergstrom

Razzari, Daniel, 2007.
Sir Francis Drake: The Pirate Leading the Counter Armada
Professor Dutra

Smith, Caroline, 2007.
A Bohemian Princess as the Holy Spirit Incarnate? The Guglielmites, their Motivations for Turning to Heresy, and the Group’s Survival for over Thirty Years.
Professor Lansing

Stark, John, 2007.
John Muir’s Growing Beard: The Impact of Yosemite National Park on America’s Natural Landscape.
Professor Graves
Professor Bergstrom

Warkentin, Jackson, 2007.
Power Begets Power: Slavery, Society and Economic Policy in Indigenous America
Professor Hamalainen

Wight, David, 2007.
The Ford Administration’s Role in the 1975-1976 Lebanese Civil War and the Syrian Military Intervention.
Professor Yaqub


Abe, Evelyn, 2006.
Nurses as Middlers: Colonial Medicine, Intimacy, and Professionalization in Ghana, 1920s to 1960s.
Professor Miescher

Berriz, Brittany, 2006.
From Footnotes to Femme Fatales: The Transformation of the Amazons in Fifth Century Athens.
Professor Lee

Bowman, Tricia, 2006.
The Warren Court: Confronting the Charges of Activism.
Professor Bergstrom

Farrington, Jeffrey, 2006.
Crisis in Cambodia: American Foreign Policy During the Carter Administration.
Professor Yaqub

Fowler, Megan, 2006.
Freedom Press: The Role of Arab Christian Journalists in the Rise of Palestinian Nationalism.
Professor Gallagher

Knapp, Bryan, 2006.
Emerson’s Agitation: The American Literary Renaissance and the Formation of Nothern Antislavery Ideology.
Professor Glickstein

Woempner, Alicia, 2006.
Survivor: Yucatan Maya Indians Defend Their Way of Life 1850-1910.
Professor Cline


Bahn, Deborah, 2005.
Waiting for the Line: Aurora as County Seat for Mono County, CA and Esmeralda County, NT 1854-1864.
Professor Majewski

Chamberlain, Abbey, 2005.
Instilling Patriotism in Our Youth: Children’s Magazines during the Second World War.
Professor Jacobson

Cracium, Florentina, 2005.
Redefining the Romanian Revolution on 1989.
Professor Hasegawa

Dethlefsen, Brittany, 2005.
Reagan, Food Programs, and Budget Cuts: The Forces that Drove the Changes.
Professor Kalman

Flores, Emily, 2005.
Gender Politics and Contradictions in Emergent Ghana.
Professor Miescher

Funke, Joanna, 2005.
From Furman to Gregg: Capital Punishment and “Law and Order” Ideology in the United States.
Professor O’Connor

Harkins, Robert, 2005.
Constructing Castles of Health: Tudor Humanism and the Rise of Vernacular Medical Literature.
Professor Bernstein

Ibarra, Juan, 2005.
A History of the California Small Claims Court During the 1920’s.
Professor Kalman

MacDonald, Ann, 2005.
Franco-American Relations and the NATO Crisis of 1966.

Malcolm, Elizabeth, 2005.
Black Power in White America: The Black Panther Party in Oakland.
Professor O’Connor

Rios, Anthony, 2005.
English Seafarers in Coastal Brazil During Early Habsburg Rule 1580-1600.
Professor Dutra
Professor O’Connor

Rushton, Lauren, 2005.
Influencing Society: The Role of El Mercurio in Allende’s Coup.
Professor Lansing

Shattuck, Jason, 2005.
Social Sacrifice: The Fracture of Antioch’s Public Sphere Under Julian the Apostate.

Steward, Karen, 2005.
The Little Prayer that Could: The 1549 and 1522 Prayer Books as the Engine of Reformed Liturgy and Doctrine in England.
Professor Lansing

Williams, Meghann, 2005.
Ireland and the Outbreak of the First World War.
Professor Mouré


Adkins, Jennifer, 2004.
“I Liked Her Coconut Bra”: The Representation of Pacific Island women from 1950s Films to Modern Lu’aus and Its Effect on American Tourists.
Professor Spickard

Beheim, Bret, 2004.
The City of Ephesus and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Professor Drake

Ciarrocca, Elizabeth, 2004.
Memory and Justice in the Realm of History: the Trial of Klaus Barbie.
Professor Mouré
Professor Rappaport

Hulce, Joanna, 2004.
Under their Skirts: The Medical Fight for Racial Purity.
Professor Rappaport
Professor Harris

Klein, Daniel, 2004.
Freedom of Space: The Free Speech Movement, the Public Realm, and Berkeley in the 1960s.
Professor Kalman

Xifo, Natalie, 2004.
A Massacre of Words: Native American Portrayal in 19th Century Newspapers.
Professor Cohen

Yupangco, Marco, 2004.
Dusk in the Spanish Orient: Nineteenth Century Export Agriculture and de-Hispanization in the Phillipines.
Professor Rock


Berger, Jenna, 2003.
Teaching Tolerance? Holocaust Education in Contemporary American Museums.
Professor Marcuse

Davidson, Alexandria, 2003.
Separate Spheres Combined: Elite White Confederate Women’s Work During the Civil War, 1861-1865.
Profeesor Majewski

Flores, Matias, 2003.
The Argentine Experiment: Credibility and Democracy in the Southern Cone.
Professor Rock

Kravetz, Melissa, 2003.
Giving Youth a Voice: American Student Perceptions of Adolf Hitler, 1933-1939.
Professor Marcuse

Morris, Tressa, 2003.
Political Economies: Shop Girls in Fin-de-Siecle England.

Throndsen, Kiersten, 2003.
Home with Honor: The Military Code of Conduct and Its Impact on American Prisoners of War in Vietnam.
Professor Logevall


Grannis, Keith, 2002.
New slavery in the South: Nineteenth Century Penology and Convict Leasing in Georgia.
Professor O’Connor


Andersen, Carreen, 2001.
Thomas de Cantimpre’s Representations of Holy Women in the Thirteenth Century Low Countries.
Professor Farmer

Frantz, Jason, 2001.
1969: Nixon’s Opportunity.
Professor Logevall

Gray, Jedediah, 2001.
Albert Speer: From Ambition to Immorality (Speer’s Influence Regarding the Treatment of Forced and Slave Laborers in Nazi Germany).
Professor Marcuse
Professor Lindemann

Hill, Jonathan, 2001.
Martin Luther and the Mysticism of Johannes Tauler.

Leahy, Dan, 2001.
Soviet Views on “Star Wars”.
Professor Hasegawa

McLandrich, Cheryl, 2001.
From Friend to Foe: The Changing Images of the Soviet Union in the American Press, 1942-1947.
Professor Hasegawa

Murillo, Bianca, 2001.
Urban Experiences of Elite Women in Coastal West Africa 1880-1939.
Professor Miescher

Sperry, Andrew, 2001.
Japan’s Decision to Advance South in 1941: An Analysis through German-Japanese Diplomacy.
Professor Fogel


Bobb, Brian, 2000.
“So Often There’s Been People to Speak, But No-one to Listen:” Gender, Memory, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa.
Professor Miescher

Corey, Danielle, 2000.
Japanese Feminism: A Political and Cultural Perspective From 1901-1937.
Professor Roberts

Dankiewicz, James, 2000.
An Analysis of the Political Career of Sir Thomas Modyford and His Years as Governor of Jamaica, 1664-1671.
Professor Dutra

Egan, Colleen, 2000.
Irish American and the Conflict in Northern Ireland: 1960-1998.
Professor O’Connor

Etling, Leah, 2000.
Public Journalism in Santa Barbara: The Thomas Storke Story.

Hayes, Shannon, 2000.
Rosa Luxemburg: Political Man, Private Woman.
Professor Lindemann

Hoffman, Jade, 2000.
The Woman Who Would Be King: Representations of Women, Rulers, and Empress Matilda in the Primary Sources.
Professor Farmer

Logan, Ashlee, 2000.
Robert Kennedy: A Journey Towards Liberalism
Professor O’Connor

Simonson, Mindy, 2000.
Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis: Fifty Years in the Making.
Professor Badash


Ditzler, Karen, 1999.
The International Monetary Fund: A Study of Policy and Economic Knowledge.
Professor Brownlee

Elezam, Marc, 1999.
The Exodus of the Jews of Morocco in the Twentieth Century.

Long, Matthew, 1999.
Britain During the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Professor Logevall

Segreto, Jesse, 1999.
An Economic History of the Silicon Valley.

Seshadri, Raja, 1999.
The Natal Indian Congress and the Indian Struggle Against Apartheid in South Africa 1940-1952.

Tseselsky, Mark, 1999.
The Iranian Crisis: A Study of British Perceptions and the Genesis of the Cold War.
Professor Hasegawa

Windsor, Stepheney, 1999.
Anglo-American Perception of Samurai in the Meiji Restoration.
Professor Roberts


Moss, Richard, 1998.
American Foreign Policy and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
Professor Logevall

Ocampo, Jackie, 1998.
The Victims’ Rights Movement: California and the Formation of Social Policy.
Professor O’Connor

Rogovin, Coreen, 1998.
A Holy Union?: Religious and Political Party in the 1571 Parliament.
Professor McGee

Sharman, Sandra, 1998.
Wilson’s Dilemma: Britain and Vietnam, Jan-July 1965.
Professor Logevall

Towers, Stephen, 1998.
The Uprooted Family Tree?: The Impact of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution on the Chinese Individual and Family.
Professor Joan Judge


Baker, Jennifer, 1997.
Kennedy’s Laotian Policy: Waging Peace by Risking War.
Professor Logevall

Bardell, Darren, 1997.
Presidential Policy-Making: President Bush and the Gulf Crisis.
Professor Logevall

Brax, Jeffrey, 1997.
The British War in Vietnam: Imerialism and Miliary Intervention, 1945-1946.
Professor Kalman

Butler, Brendt, 1997.
The Ties that Bind: Political Patronage in the Late Roman Republic.
Professor Kallet-Marx

Vosti, Erin, 1997.
Libertas Spiritus: The Free Spirit of Marguerite Porete. A Study of Heresy and Mysticism in the 14th Century.
Professor Lansing

Wilgus, David, 1997.
A Spot once Fameless: Contemporary and Modern Interpretations of the Battle of Gettysburg.
Professor Majewski


Brower, Kevin, 1996.
The Development of American Foreign Policy in Iran, 1942-1947: From World War to Cold War.
Professor Logevall

DeRienzo, Tracy, 1996.
Noble Apprenticeship: The Political and Social Context of Service.
Professor McGee

Gechter, Ronit Charon, 1996.
The Plantation Mistress. Myth and Reality in History and Literature.
Professor Bergstrom

Howard, Shawn, 1996.
Shadow of the Bomb. Final Campaigns of the Pacific War and the Atomic Decision.
Professor Badash

Mullins, Loris, 1996.
Florence and the Madonna del Latte.
Professor Lansing

Sleeper, Christopher, 1996.
We Want You in the British Army!! Or do we? Competing Interests and Contradictions between the Rhodesian Colonial Government and the British War Office over the Recruitment of Rhodesian Africans in World War Two.
James Burns

Stoutner, Duncan, 1996.
Desegregation Woes in Los Angeles County Public Schools.
Professor Harris

Torbik, Joseph, 1996.
Diplomacy in Action: Sir Ralph Sadler in the Scottish Reformation.
Professor Mueller


Kenny, Shannon, 1995.
Firmicius Maternus and Conversion to Christianity in the Fourth Century.
Professor Drake

Loftin, Craig, 1995.
Fade To Red: The CSU Strikes and Hollywood Anti-Communist Hysteria.

Moralee, Jason, 1995.
‘The Cursed Stomach’: Diet and the Construction of Holiness in Late Antique Syria.
Professor Drake

Spannagel, Laura, 1995.
Bludgeoning the Mass Mind: The Formation and Interpretation of National Security Council Memorandum 68.
Professor Logevall


Aston, Rosalie, 1994.
All-American or Un-American: Anti-Semitism and the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1938-1945.
Professor Kalman

Giambo, Gail, 1994.
The Flight for Freedom to the North: Black Women and the Union Army.
Professor Bonadio

Lampert, Lynn, 1994.
Americans, Confederates, or Shyloks: Nineteenth Centruy Views of Jews and American Anti-Semitism.
Professor Harris


Aubry, Alison Ming, 1993.
The Erotic Woman: Sexual Advice Literature and Racy Novels in Victorian America.
Professor Cohen

Saso, Diana, 1993.
Measuring Anti-Semitism: Uses and Abuses of Polls 1937-1962.
Professor Lindemann

Statler, Kathryn, 1993.
The Cuban Missile Crisis.
Professor Logevall


Aron, Wendy, 1992.
Public Interest Law in the 1960s.
Professor Kalman

Clark, Dominic, 1992.
Calling the Shots: Eisenhower, Dulles, and Decisionmaking in Asian Policy 1952-1955.
Professor DeConde

Clark, Dylan, 1992.
The Grand Old Party in Triumph: Politics and Race 1968-1974.

Freeborn, Paul, 1992.
Doomed to Failure. Sino-American Relations 1941-1950.
Professor Fogel

Hanken, John, 1992.
Alexander Kerensky and the Democratic Ideal In Revolutionary Russia.
Professor Hasegawa

Hester, Jay, 1992.
The Sedition Act of 1798, Politics or Precautions.
Professor Juster

Kagan, Marty, 1992.
Monkey in the Middle: Lithuania’s Role in Nazi-Soviet Relations.

Latouche, Jason, 1992.
Science in Antarctica: Policy in the Path of Progress.
Professor Badash

Motola, Alexander, 1992.
Arthur, Origins of the Legend.
Professor Collins

Petteway, Corbett, 1992.
Political Science: The National Science Foundation Act of 1950.
Professor Badash

Reckard, Frank, 1992.
New Mexico, 1890-1930: Land of Four Cultures? Changing Perceptions of the Pueblo Indians.
Professor Oglesby

Sanders, Carey, 1992.
Cultural Opposition: The Czechoslovak Writers’ Union’s Contribution to the Prague Spring, 1967-68.

Senecal, Christine, 1992.
Political Origins of Medieval Historical Writing in England: A Case Study of Bede, Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmesbury.
Professor Hollister


Edwards, Carolyn, 1991.
The Court and Cathedral Schools of Charlemagne and Otto the Great.
Professor Hollister

Gronborg, Tor, 1991.
Beyond Human Control: Harry S. Truman and the Atomic Dilemma.

Korbin, Steven, 1991.
The House That Taxpayers Built: New York City and the Subsidization of Major League Baseball.
Professor Fields

MacFarlane, Andrew, 1991.
Forming the French Communist Party: Following the Paths of three French Communists, 1914-1920.
Professor Lindemann

Yu, Hyun T, 1991.
The Anglo-German Naval Race: Its Origins and Influences on the First World War, 1897-1914.
Professor Remak


Adams, Christine, 1990.
The Professor and the Commoner: Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, and World War I.
Professor Kalman

Armstrong, Aaron, 1990.
Drugs and the Evolution of an American Public Policy Crisis.
Professor Bergstrom

Bell, Andrew, 1990.
Student Nationalism and Its Ideological Association with Radical Nationalism in France and Germany, 1871-1914.
Professor Talbott

Caviezel, Lorena, 1990.
Gender Transitions For Women in the Early Republic.
Professor Kalman

Cohen, Lisa, 1990.
The Origins of the War on Poverty.
Professor Kalman
Professor Bergstrom

Cornell, Sinclair, 1990.
The Path of Criticism: George Frost Kennan’s Foreign Service Career, 1946-1963.
Professor Kalman

Ufland, Peter J, 1990.
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act: Twenty Years of Debate.
Professor Kalman

Wolcott, Stephen W, 1990.
The Thirty-first Star: The Unique Story of California and the Eastern Reaction, 1835-1850.


Eriksen, Lisa M, 1989.
The Soviet Union and the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations, 1954-1962. Cold War Policies or Humanitarian Ideals?

Hanson, Karen, 1989.
The White House Derby: Horse-Race Journalism and Presidential Elections.
Professor Eric R.A.N Smith

Kittay, Eric P, 1989.
The Formulation of Civil Rights Policy Regarding Desegregation and Busing During President Nixon’s Term in Office.
Professor Kalman

Korbin, Stephen Michael,1989.
Judicial Selection and Tenure: A Brief History of Judicial Reform in the State of California.
Professor Bergstrom

McCormick, Elizabeth, 1989.
The Eschatology of Ralph Cudworth and Henry More.
Professor McGee

Nelson, Steven, 1989.
The United States and Spain, 1931-1936.
Professor DeConde

Sparks, Louis, 1989.
Fast Day Sermons to the Long Parliament.
Professor McGee

Tipton, David, 1989.
Constantine and the Bishops: Imperial Administration with a Christian Bureaucracy.
Professor Drake


Lyons, Shawn, 1986.
‘Partinost’ and the Origins of Socialist Realism.


Gyepes, David, 1985.
The Effects of the 1973 October War on the Decline of the Israeli Labor Party.
Professor Gallagher


Figal, Gerald, 1984.
Percival Lowell’s Analysis of the Japanese Soul: The Profits and Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Interpretation.
Professor Smith

Karlin, Andrew, 1984.
Terror From Above: The Impact of Strategic Bombardment on English and German Morale During World War Two.
Professor Gollin
Professor Remak

Rauch, Martin, 1984.
The Norman Aristocracy, Old or New?
Professor Hollister


Westfall, Jan, 1983.
Truth or Superstition? The Question of Oracles In the Fourth Century.


Castronova, Stephen, 1982.
Mineral King–A Conflict of Interest.

Knott, Debra, 1982.
The Cult of Peter the Great Among the South Slavs on the 18th Century.
Professor Djordjevic

Nelson, Amy, 1982.
The West German House Squatter Movement: the role of direct-action opposition groups in liberal-democratic societies.
Professor Lindemann


Hohnsbeen, Roger, 1981.
The Age of Peel or “Why did Chartism Fail and the Anti-Corn Law League Succeed?”
Professor Gollin

Nelson, Kathy, 1981.
The Equality of Men and Women as Taught by the Early Church.


Coffey, Colleen MegAnne.
Murder, Adultery, and Civilized Morality: Caroline Norton and Other Fallen Women in the California Justice System 1850-1900.

Dodd, Weldon.
The Advent of the Submarine in the Soviet Navy 1919-1933.

Garrett, Crister.
Death and Politics: The Katyn Forest Massacre and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy.

Lewis, Daniel K.
Reaction and Revolution: The Origins of Division in the French Student Revolt.

Raub, Miriam.
Saint Daniel the Stylite and the Role of the Holy Man in Late Antiquity.
Professor Drake