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Julie Sindel, Social Science Specialist

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Julie Sindel

Julie Sindel is a Social Science Specialist at W.W. Norton, Inc. Publishing. She received her B.A. in History from UCSB, graduating with High Honors in 1994.  After completing the Secondary Social Science Teaching Credential program at Cal State Fullerton she taught high school A.P. U.S. History for ten years.

After receiving an MA in History from San Francisco State in 2008, where she graduated with Distinction, Julie decided to draw on her skills as an historian and as a teacher in a career in academic publishing.  With no previous experience in sales, she was hired as a college sales representative for  W. W. Norton, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top sales representatives in the company. In her position as a Social Science Discipline Specialist, focusing specifically on the history, sociology, and political science publications from Norton, Julie travels to nearly sixty-five school campuses every year, meeting with some of the most distinguished professors in the country to discuss their course material needs, and giving presentations to academic committees that are charged with making textbook decisions for their respective departments.  An unexpected perk of the job, she writes,  has been the opportunity to stay up on the most recent and respected historical scholarship by authors who publish with Norton.