Welcome to the Department of History Undergraduate Academic Advising Page! On this page you will find information about all of our major and minor requirements, FAQs, registration tips and reminders, and so much more.

History Department Advising

The history department undergraduate advising office is closed to in-person advising until further notice. Advising is currently available via email, phone, or Zoom from 9am-12pm and 1:30-4pm daily. Please review the resources on this page thoroughly to see if your questions are answered before contacting the advisor or setting up an appointment. More information on how to receive advising and book appointments can be found HERE.

GE and University Requirement Advising

Have questions about your GE, unit, GPA, or residency requirements? You can reach out to the College of Letters and Science Advisors or the Transfer Center Advisors for help. It is crucial to remember that you have requirements to fulfill outside of your major, and that you should be regularly checking in with both your major and college advisors to stay on track!

Major and Minor Frequently Asked Questions

Have a specific question about your history department major or minor requirements? It may be answered on one of our FAQ pages below!

Changing Your Major or Declaring a Minor

Looking to change your major to history or history of public policy and law, add it as a double major, or declare a history department minor? Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to do so. 

Major and GE Progress Checks

Click HERE  to learn how you can use your progress check to keep track of your Major, GE, and University requirements. This page also contains the answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding progress checks for history and history of public policy and law major. 

Undergraduate Petitions

Looking for information on how to petition classes for major credit or sign up for an independent study course? Click HERE.

Registration Tips and Reminders

Click HERE to learn valuable tips and reminders when registering for courses each quarter. 

Transfer Student Resources

Looking for resources and FAQs geared specifically towards transfer students? Click HERE!

Senior Honors Thesis Seminar

Interested in completing a senior honors thesis for your major? Click HERE to learn more about our History 194AH/BH program!


Page last modified: October 19, 2020