8th Annual Van Gelderen Lecture: Sasha Coles, “The Great Silk Experiment: Silkworms, Mulberry Trees, and Women Workers in Mormon Country, 1850s-1910s”

A black-and-white image of a group of women gathered around a pile of foliage.

UCSB History Associates presents the eighth annual Van Gelderen Graduate Student Lecture, this year given by Dr. Sasha Coles. From the 1850s to the early 1900s, Latter-Day Saint (or Mormon) women in both rural and urban Great Basin settlements planted mulberry trees, raised silkworms, and attempted to produce silk cocoons, thread, and cloth of a high-enough quality to use and […]

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Gender and Sexualities Brown Bag: Sasha Coles

A silk industry float for Utah's Pioneer Semi-Centennial Parade. July 24, 1897. Utah State Historical Society.

The Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster will meet periodically throughout the year for brown bag lunches to read and workshop works-in-progress from members of the research cluster. On May 8, Sasha Coles will discuss “A Nation’s Wealth Surrounds a Worm”: Mormonism, Consumer Politics, and Utah’s Silk Industry, 1860s-1906.” Draft papers will be distributed before the event, and all participants will be […]

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