Mónica Michelena: “We Are Charrúa Women: From Negation to Re-Existence in Our Body-Territory”

Flyer for We are Charrua Women: From Negation to Re-Existence in Our Body-Territory on 2/26/21 at 4PM

UCSB and UCSD have joined together to welcome Mónica Michelena, Secretary of the Charrúa Nation’s Council and former Advisor on Indigenous Affairs for Uruguay’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2014-18). Charrúa women have gone through dispossession, exclusion, and negation that left marks on their collective memory and body-territory. This genocidal process did not end in 19th-century Uruguay, but continues today and […]

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Kendall Lovely, “Dismembering Classicism: Contesting Colonial and Classical Legacies in the Southwest”

Classicization in U.S. heritage narratives often involves the imposition of classical elements, derived from Greek and Roman civilization, onto narratives of colonial conquest in Southwestern borderlands and frontier spaces. Ongoing controversies surrounding statues of the conquistador, Juan de Oñate, reflect the ways in which the classical legacy remains prominent in public spheres of historical narrative. In providing a visual narrative […]

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