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Personal Statement:

I am interested in the quotidian processes that make national subjects of the Sylhetis in north-east India through the 19th and the 20th centuries. I pursue the commemorative practices of the community anchored in family archives, and material sites like food and music. I focus on how narratives in the community about historical migration are marked by class, caste and spatial dispersion. I see how these are embedded in everyday practices, and are nurtured through gendered labour with homes. I try to make sense of these practices by locating them in the colonial  and postcolonial political economy and the making of borders in post-Partition India. The spectrum of my academic interests range from colonialism, nationalism, political economy, political philosophy to gender, caste, subaltern history and performative cultures.

Courses Taught:

Teaching Assistant

HIST 2A – (Ancient)World History

HIST 4C- Modern Europe

HIST 88- Survey of South Asian History

HIST 8- Introduction to Latin American History (Fall 2020)


HIST 141B- Twentieth-Century Britain (Spring 2020)