I am interested in the Late Antiquity period of the Roman Empire from the second century to the fifth century. I study the socio-political history of the Roman Empire of the second and fourth century CE based on the relationship between Roman emperors, the elites, and the Roman army. I am particularly interested in the comparative study of Marcus Aurelius and Diocletian’s reigns and their socio-political treatment of the religious minority of Christians in the military and nobility. My current research examines what the historical sources say about Roman emperors, Christian activity in the military and nobility. Such an inquiry would allow me to articulate how the shift of socio-political settings depict Diocletian and not Marcus Aurelius as the aggressor for the suffering of Christians, even though he also persecuted Christians. A secondary question is to what extent the increase of Christian presence in the nobility and the Roman army affected the narrative of Christian persecution under Diocletian, depicting a cruel reign than under Aurelius? 

Translation on St. John Chrysostom’s Homily 60 on Matthew 15:18 (Forthcoming). 

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Luther, Martin.  Disputations II.  Luther’s Works 73.  St. Louis: Concordia, 2020.


Late Antiquity, the socio-political history of the Roman Republic-Late Roman Empire, History of Early Christianity

Teaching Assistant

The Ancient Mediterranean- Prehistory to 800 CE (History 4A, Fall 2022)

Medieval Scandals (History 4B, Winter 2022)

The Ancient Mediterranean (History 4A, Spring 2023)

The Ancient Mediterranean-Prehistory to 800 CE (History 4A, Fall 2023)

Awards and Honors

Kathleen and Drake Fund (2023)-History 

Thomas Sizgorich Memorial Award (2022) – History