I am interested in the socio-economic and military history of the Late Antiquity period of the Roman Empire from the second century to the fifth century. I particularly study the socio-economic edicts of the Roman Empire in the third and fourth century and its impact on the Roman army, imperial family members, and the Roman aristocracy.

Translation on St. John Chrysostom’s Homily 60 on Matthew 15:18 (Forthcoming). 

Brown, Christopher Boyd, ed.  John 13-21.  Reformation Commentary on Scripture: New Testament 4.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2020.

Luther, Martin.  Disputations II.  Luther’s Works 73.  St. Louis: Concordia, 2020.


Late Antiquity, the socio-economic history of the Roman Republic-Late Roman Empire, History of Early Christianity

Teaching Assistant

  1. TA for History 4A: The Ancient Mediterranean Fall 2022
  2. TA for History 4B: Medieval-Early Modern Europe Winter 2023 
  3. TA for History 4A: The Ancient Mediterranean Spring 2023
  4. TA for History 4A: The Ancient Mediterranean Fall 2023
  5. TA for History 4B: Medieval and Early Modern Europe Winter 2024


Awards and Honors

Kathleen and Drake Fund (2023)-History 

Thomas Sizgorich Memorial Award (2022)-History

Dean’s Fellowship (2017)-School of Theology at Boston University