Teaching WRIT 2, 2022-2023.

I’m interested in historical interactions between “ethnic Chinese” and other neighboring groups and polities, especially the use of religion in creating an identity and ideology for multi-ethnic states in early imperial China.

Independent Work (Princeton):

Senior Thesis: Identity and Ideology: Religion and Ethnicity in State Formation during the Northern Dynasties

Junior Paper #1: Ideals of Buddhist Kingship: A Comparative Analysis of Emperors Aśoka and Wen of Sui

Junior Paper #2: The Monarch as Mañjuśrī: Tibetan Buddhism in the Formation of Qing Governing Ideology

  • World History
  • Chinese/Asian History
  • U.S. History

Fall 2016: HIST 2C (Marcuse) – World History

Winter 2016: HIST 17B (Jacobson) – U.S. History

Spring 2017: HIST 17C (Yaqub) – U.S. History

Summer Session B 2018: HIST 80 (Barbieri) – Chinese Civilization

Summer Session B 2018: HIST 2A (Barbieri) – World History, Prehistory – 1000 CE

Advisor: Professor Anthony Barbieri

Examination Committee:

Professor Luke Roberts, Professor Elizabeth Digeser, and Professor Dominic Steavu-Balint.