Personal Statement:

Broadly stated, I am interested in the intersections and relatedness of political economy, consumer culture, financial markets, and economic life. Consequently, my research interests have tended to revolve around periods of pronounced economic change — the “booms” and “busts” of the business cycle.

My most recent research project traced the debate surrounding the foreign lending activities of Citibank and other large US commercial banks before, during, and after the development of the 1982 “LDC Debt Crisis.”  My undergraduate thesis investigated the ideology and culture of cooperation as manifested in the  “Self-Help” cooperative movement of the early years of the Great Depression.

Awards & Professional Activities:

University of California, Santa Barbara 

  • Chancellors Fellow
  • Emil Steck, Jr. Fellow

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Mark H. Leff Prize for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis, Spring 2016
  • History Departmental Honors with Highest Distinction
  • University Bronze Tablet Honors, Spring 2016
  • Department of Economics Justice Rita Garman GPA Award