I am a Ph.D. student studying the history of Jesuit missions and linguistic knowledge in colonial Latin America, with a particular interest in the region that is modern-day Colombia. I am also part of the non-profit foundation Neogranadina, and work in projects that digitally preserve and promote archival materials in Latin America. 


  • HIST156A: History of Mexico: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Periods, Summer 2023


  • ENGR 101: Engineering Ethics, Fall 2022, Winter 2023
  • HIST121A: Renaissance Italy, Summer 2022
  • HIST8: Introduction to the History of Latin America, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Spring 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022
  • HIST2A: World History, the Ancient World, Fall 2021
  • HIST2C: World History, c. 1800-present, Winter 2021
  • HIST2B: World History, c. 1000-1700, Fall 2020
  • HIST56: Introduction to the History of Mexico, Fall 2019