Personal Statement:

Research Interests: French Revolution, French Atlantic World, Race and Slavery, Haitian Revolution, Colonial Enlightenment, Early Modern Globalization, Global History, Environmental History

I am interested in the diverse notions of race in eighteenth-century France and the French Atlantic, especially in the revolutionary era. My project is to investigate what various racial groups—whites, blacks, and free people of color—thought of race and human diversity during the French and Haitian Revolutions, and how it was connected to revolutionary politics.

Selected Publications:


“Analysis of Universal Emancipation Proclaimed by L. F. Sonthonax during the Haitian Revolution: Combining Revolutionary Ideology and Circumstances of the Colony,” Seo-yang-sa Yeon-gu(The Journal of Western History) vol. 53, Seoul (Nov. 2015): 169-202. (written and published in Korean).

Book Review

“Cul de Sac: patrimony, capitalism, and slavery in French Saint-Domingue,” History of European Ideas vol. 45, no. 1 (2019): 121-123.


Awards & Professional Activities:

2019-2021 Korean Government Scholarship Program for Study Overseas, National Institute for International Education, Republic of Korea