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I study the history of free people of color in the eighteenth-century France Atlantic world, focusing on the free-colored leadership, their political languages, social realities, and their role in the Haitian Revolution.


“Analysis of Universal Emancipation Proclaimed by L. F. Sonthonax during the Haitian Revolution: Combining Revolutionary Ideology and Circumstances of the Colony,” Seo-yang-sa Yeon-gu(The Journal of Western History) vol. 53, Seoul (Nov. 2015): 169-202. (written and published in Korean).

Book Review

“Cul de Sac: patrimony, capitalism, and slavery in French Saint-Domingue,” History of European Ideas vol. 45, no. 1 (2019): 121-123.


2023   Mary Beth McGee Fellowship, UCSB Department of History
2023  MRPI Routes of Enslavement in the Americas Award, UCI Humanities Center
2019-2021 Korean Government Scholarship Program for Study Overseas, National Institute for International Education, Republic of Korea