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Personal Statement:

Academic fields of Interest: 20th Century US space history. History of Science and science education. Currently researching NASA’s role in science education in the Spacemobile program and its influence on domestic and international K-12 science pedagogy, 1960 to 1990. Advised by Prof. Patrick McCray and Prof. Elena Aronova.

Summer 2019, and Winter and Spring 2020 RA for What Every1 Says, We1s, A 4Humanities Project.  Website Here.

Selected Publications:

“Petite Engineer Likes Math, Music” in NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement. Edited by Brian C. Odom and Stephen P. Waring. University of Florida Press. (2019) 

Courses Taught:

Reader for History 166C: United States in the Twentieth Century (The Sixties)

Discussion Labs for History 2C World History

Discussion Labs for History 4B Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Discussion Labs for History 17A The American People, 1492 – 1837

Discussion Labs for History 2A World History