may all beings be gentle. 
may all being move with loving kindness and compassion. 
may all beings be healthy and may all beings be well. 
may all beings honor their light and may all beings honor their darkness. 
may all beings express grief out loud and embrace grief as praise. 
may all beings call to all things strange, curious, and magic. 
may all beings live their one wild and precious life. 

sending abundant warmth

with an ode to Martín Prechtel, Mary Oliver, &Rick Benjamin

Second-year PhD student and TA. My project explores the history of the ongoing Nakba and modern Palestine through the prism of food. By tracing the various circuits of making, preparing, distributing, and consuming food, it sheds new light on the environment, land, Indigeneity, and settler colonialism.

i love fruit (mangos!), the ocean, gardening, cooking, backpacking, &dancing to funky soul music(-:

TA for History 46B — Middle East History from the Nineteenth Century to the Present

TA for History 17B — History of the American People, 1830-1920

TA for History 4C — Modern Europe, 1715 to the present