My research focuses on fixed and temporary trade establishments in Central Asia during the late tsarist and early Soviet period. I am interested in interrogating how nationalities policies, territorial borders, and notions of modernity are understood and expressed in social relations and trade practices at sites of commerce, such as bazaars, fairs, and collective farm markets. I am also interested in the effects of voluntary migrations and forced relocations on supply chains and consumption.

“A Journey Into the Archives…”

“Border Bartering: the Soviet Nationalities Policies in Practice at Bazaars and Fairs in the Central Asian Republics (1920 - 1929)”

(as TA)

History 4B – Winter 2024

History 5 – Fall 2023

History 17A – Fall 2022

History 4C – Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Spring 2024

History 2A – Fall 2021

History 2B – Winter 2022

  • 2025 Title VIII American Councils – Combined Research & Language Training, Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan
  • 2023 Title VIII, Indiana University’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies Language Workshop
  • 2022 Title VIII, ASU’s Melikian Center Critical Languages Institute (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
  • 2021 Title VIII, ASU’s Melikian Center Critical Languages Institute
  • 2014 Howard Starret Memorial Award for the College of Arts and Letters, CSU – Los Angeles