Personal Statement:

I am a historian of the Modern Middle East and late Ottoman Empire from the late nineteenth into the twentieth centuries. I received my MA from Yale University in 2018 with a thesis exploring the domain of religious diplomacy between foreign missionaries in Egypt and their co-religionists.

My current research examines the transnational and inter-confessional encounters between Anglo-American ecumenists and Coptic and Muslim benevolent societies in Egypt from the late nineteenth century into the interwar period. I focus on the networks established through philanthropic societies and ecumenical organizations and how these relationships reconstituted new forms of lay participation, elite activism, and national belonging.

In addition to my academic work, I’m also a freelance writer on religion and politics in the modern Middle East, U.S. foreign policy in the region, and the Arab diaspora in the Americas.

Selected Publications:

“Orthodox Religion and Politics in Contemporary Eastern Europe,” Book Review, Journal for Religion, State and Society, forthcoming.

“Under Caesar’s Sword: How Christians Respond to Persecution,” Marginalia LA Review of Books, forthcoming.

“Researching Modern Coptic History: A Guide to the Archives in the US and Egypt,” Archives Review, Coptic Canadian History Project, August 2019.

“Interview with Author Massoud Hayoun,” Palestine Square, August 2019

“Religious Liberty Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of Human Rights,” Sojourners, July 2019

“El Salvador’s Bukele at Crossroads in Relations with Ancestral Land,” Palestine Square, June 2019

“U.S. Evangelicals Trivialize Global Religious Persecution,” Sojourners, May 2019.

“Between Christ and Caliph: Law, Marriage, and Christian Community in Early Islam,” Book Review, Reading Religion, March 2019.

“The Landmark 85-Year-Old Report Absent From Debates Over Missionary’s Death,” Religion Dispatches, October 2018.

“Assessing Coptic Reform Through the International Christian Student Movement,” Coptic Canadian History Project, October 2018.

“Syria’s Christians Reckon with Survival,” Sojourners, June 2018.

“Pence’s Empty Promises to Christians in the Middle East,” Yale Journal of International Affairs, 13 (Spring 2018), 77-80.

“Targeted Yet Faithful: Egypt’s Copts, Wary of Restrictions, Celebrate Virgin Mary Feast,” Sojourners, October 2017.

“From the Cedars to the Frontlines: Danbury’s Greater Syrian Immigrants and the Great War,” Connecticut History Review Journal, 55 (2) (Fall 2016), 140-152.

“The Armenian-Syrian Relief Fund in World War l-Era Connecticut,” Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project, Fall 2016.

Courses Taught:

Fall 2019: HIST 56 – Introduction to Mexican History

Spring 2019: HIST 56 – Introduction to Mexican History

Awards & Professional Activities:

  • UCSB History Department Conference Travel Award, Fall 2019
  • Center for Middle East Studies, Research Grant, Summer 2019
  • Steven Hay Scholarship Award, Spring 2019
  • History Associates Fellowship, Spring 2019
  • UCSB Graduate Student Association (GSA) Conference Travel Grant, Spring 2019
  • Center for Middle East Studies Conference Travel Grant,  UCSB, Fall 2018
  • University of California, Santa Barbara History Department Fellowship Award, Fall 2018
  • Yale Center for Race, Indigenous, and Transnational Migration Research Fellowship, Cairo, Summer 2017
  • Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship Finalist (FLAS) in Arabic at Yale University, Summer 2017
  • Critical Languages Scholarship (CLS) in Arabic at Yale University in Oman, Summer 2017
  • Oral History Fellowship,Yale University, Fall 2016
  • Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS), Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco, Summer 2016