Personal Statement:

I research and teach about the history of technology and science in the 20th century. For more information about me and my work, see my off-UCSB website which is also the home of my occasional blog, Leaping Robot. (Note: I’ve put the blog into hibernation until I finish my new book project)

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Advisor to:

Current Projects:

I have several new projects underway. The main one is a new book for The MIT Press that looks at art-technology collaborations during the 1960s-90s with the focus being the activities and experiences of the engineers and scientists who paired up with artists. Connected to this, I have a courtesy appointment with UCSB’s Media Arts and Technology program. This book will appear in mid-2020.

I like to connect my historical research to contemporary issues associated with technology and science, including debates about the “future of work,” automation, and predictions of a “4th Industrial Revolution.”

Finally, I maintain an interest in a number of topics including: science and technology in the Cold War; how scientists adopted new technologies including computers and data handling; the history of “emerging technologies”; and the broader intersection of technology, science, and popular culture in the 1960s and 1970s.

Selected Publications:


  • Making Art Work (forthcoming from The MIT Press). My new/next book explores collaborations between engineers and artists from the 1960s onward. It should appear sometime in mid-2020.


Recent and Forthcoming Articles:

Courses Taught:

My research informs my teaching. I offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including:

  • Science and the Modern World (History 20)
  • The Atomic Age (History 105A)
  • Machines, People, and Politics: Histories of Modern Technologies (History 109T)

In addition, I teach some more specialized small-enrollment undergraduate courses as well as graduate readings and research seminars.

Honors and Professional Activities:

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