Gender and Sexualities Brown Bag: Sasha Coles

HSSB 4020 University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

The Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster will meet periodically throughout the year for brown bag lunches to read and workshop works-in-progress from members of the research cluster. On May 8, Sasha Coles will discuss “A Nation’s Wealth Surrounds a Worm”: Mormonism, Consumer Politics, and Utah’s Silk Industry, 1860s-1906.” Draft papers will be distributed before the event, and all participants will be [...]

8th Annual Van Gelderen Lecture: Sasha Coles, “The Great Silk Experiment: Silkworms, Mulberry Trees, and Women Workers in Mormon Country, 1850s-1910s”

Zoom CA

UCSB History Associates presents the eighth annual Van Gelderen Graduate Student Lecture, this year given by Dr. Sasha Coles. From the 1850s to the early 1900s, Latter-Day Saint (or Mormon) women in both rural and urban Great Basin settlements planted mulberry trees, raised silkworms, and attempted to produce silk cocoons, thread, and cloth of a high-enough quality to use and [...]

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