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Senior Honors Thesis Colloquium

May 17, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

HSSB 4020

The students of this years History Senior Honors Thesis course will present their research in front of faculty, peers, and friends. All are welcome! Please see the schedule of presentations below:

8:30 a.m. Coffee and Pastries
9:00 a.m. Welcome
Professor Erika Rappaport, Chair of the History Department
Professor Adrienne Edgar, Director of the 2018-2019 Senior Honors Seminar

Session I (9:15-10:45) Race and Ethnicity

Ciaran Hiney (Spickard) “Resilient Beyond Measure: Japanese-American Coping Mechanisms During WWII Internment.”
Discussant: Prof. Kate McDonald

Jeffrey Kaplan (Bergstrom) “To Mislead and Misrepresent: The Failure of the Ninth Census.”
Discussant: Prof. Giuliana Perrone

Ashlynn Deu Pree (Spickard) “White by Association: The Mixed Marriage Policy of Japanese American Internees”
Discussant: Mika Thornburg

Coffee break (10:45-11:00)

Session II (11:00-12:30) Foreign Policy and Law

Noah Fleishman (Amihay) “Carter’s Middle Eastern Policy and the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement”
Discussant: Prof. Salim Yaqub

Shervin Rafie (Yaqub) “The Eisenhower Doctrine in Syria: Intervention Behind the Scenes.”
Discussant: Dr. Munther al-Sabbagh

Calvin Chiu (Kalman) “How to Lose a Supreme Court Nominee in 115 Days: The Story of the Robert Bork Confirmation and its Legacy Today”
Discussant: Prof. Randy Bergstrom

Lunch Break (12:30-1:30)

Session III 1:30-3:00 Colonialism and Eugenics

Nicholas Papazyan (Chavez Garcia) “The Darkest Chapter in the Golden State: A Legal History of Coerced Eugenic Sterilization in California”
Discussant: Prof. Laura Kalman

Julia Madden-Fulk (Bergstrom) “From ‘Early Days’ to Alcatraz: A History of Native American Engagement with Public Space in California, 1890-present.”
Discussant: Prof. Ann Plane

James Paules (Chikowero) “One Tide, Separate Shores: Towards a Delocalized Colonial Studies”
Discussant: Prof. Stephan Miescher

Coffee break (3:00-3:15)

Session IV (3:15-4:45) Education and Public Policy

Sarah Kinane (Rappaport) “How Reagan Starved Children: The History of California’s School Lunches under the Reagan Administration.”
Discussant: Prof. Lisa Jacobson

Chelsea Borg (Lichtenstein) “Unpaid Interns: ‘Breaking Persistent Barriers’ without Employee Status and Anti-Discrimination Protections?”
Discussant: Nora Kassner

Kristina Ruvalcaba (Lichtenstein) “The Pacific Research Institute’s Influence on Labor, Education, and Healthcare.”
Discussant: Prof. Alice O’Connor



May 17, 2019
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Department of History
(805) 893-4505


HSSB 4020

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