I have retired on March 1, 2016.

The most recent interviews on the atomic bombings and the surrender of Japan in the Pacific War are available on the following sites:

  • Garreth Cook, “Why Japan Surrendered?” Boston Globe, August 7, also see http://articles.boston.com/2011-08-07/bostonglobe/29861790_1_hiroshima-tsuyoshi-hasegawa-japan-surrender
  • Klaus Scherer, NDR/ARD German TV, production of Nagasaki, 7/13/2014, http//www.targesschau.de/ausland/hiroshima-nagasaki-atommomben-101.html
  • TV Asahi (Japan), 5/27/2015, http://ajw.asahi.com/article/views/opinion/AJ201509190029
  • BBC Magazine, http://delije.com/en-word/hiroshima-still-stirms-debate-70-years-after/551953
  • BBC Spanish interview, http://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticlas/2015/08/150805 hiroshima bomba atomica aniversario razones aw



I am a specialist in modern Russian/Soviet history and the Cold War. My research interests cover two different areas. The first area is on the Russian Revolution of 1917.  Two books on the Russian Revolution were published in Octobrr, 2017. The second area is on foreign relations involving Russia, Japan, and the United States: specifically, on Russo-Japanese relations, the end of the Pacific War, and the Cold War in Asia.

  • Cold War in Asia
  • Soviet-Japanese Relations
  • History of the Pacific War
  • Social history of the Russian Revolution
  • Evolution of Nuclear Strategy
  • Requiem to Soldiers in Leyte
    Tracing how an American soldier and a Japanese soldier encountered in the Battle of Leyte, it examined the meaning of the battle and the war.
  • War and the Emperors: Nicholas II and the Showa Emperor
  • Interpreting the Russian Revolution
  • The February Revolution: Petrograd 1917 (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1981)
  • Roshia kakumeika petorogurado no shimin seikatsu (Tokyo: Chuo koronsha, 1989)
  • The Northern Territories Dispute and Russo-Japanese Relations, 2 vols (Berkeley: International and Area Studies Publications, UC Berkeley, 1998)
  • Hopporyodo mondai to nichiro kankei (Tokyo: Chikuma shobo, 2000)
  • Racing the Enemy: Stalin, Truman, and the Surrender of Japan (Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005)
  • Anto: Sutarin, Toruman to Nihon kofuku (Tokyo: Chuo koron shinsha, 2006; revised paper back edition, 2011)
  • Russia and Japan: An Unresolved Dilemma between Distant Neighbors, edited by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, et al (Berkeley, IAS, 1993)
  • The End of the Pacific War: Reappraisals, edited by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007)
  • East Asia’s Haunted Present: Historical Memories and the Resurgence of Nationalism with Togo (Westport, Conn: Praeger Security International, 2008)
  • The Cold War in East Asia, 1945-1991 (Standord UP/Wilson Center Press, 2011)
  • Crime and Punishment in the Russian Revolution: Mob Justice and Police in Petrograd (Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2017)
  • The February Revolution, Petrograd 1917: the End of the Tsarist Regime and the Birth of Dual Power (Leiden: Brill, 2017)

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Taught:

  • History 4C, History of Western Civilization, since 1750
    undergraduate lower division lecture course
  • History 135A, History Russia to 1800
    History of Russia from Kievan Rus to the end of the 18th century
  • History 135B, History of Russia, 1800-1917
    History of Russia in the 19th century and early 20th century to the Russian Revolution
  • History 135C, History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991
    History of the Soviet Union from the Russian Revolution to its collapse
  • History 191A, Diplomacy of the Great Powers, 1814-1918
    Diplomatic history from the Congress of Vienna to World War I
  • History 191B, Diplomatic History during the Interwar Period, 1918-1945
    Diplomatic history of the interwar period, covers both Europe and Asia
  • History 191C, History of the Cold War, 1945-1991
    Covers history of the Cold War
  • History 135P, Proseminar on Russian history
    designed to help students to write a research paper based on primary sources in Russian history
  • History 191P, Proseminar on the Cold War
    Designed to help students to write a research paper based on primary sources on a theme in the Cold War
  • History 201E, Reading Seminar on Russian history
  • History 235AB, Graduate Research Seminar on Russian history
  • History 290, Greaduate Reading Seminar on the Cold War
  • History 290AB,Graduate Research Seminar on the Cold War
  • Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Prize in 1999 for The Northern Territories Dispute and Russo-Japanese Relations
  • Robert Ferrell Award from the Society for Historians of American Foreisn Relations (2006) for Racing the Enemy
  • History and American Studies Award for 2005 from the Association of American Publishers (2006)
  • 9th Yomiuri-Yoshino Sakuzo Award (2006) for Anto: Sutarin, Toruman to Nihon Kofuku
  • 10th Shiba Ryotaro Award (2007) for Anto: Sutarin, Toruman to Nihon Kofuku
  • International Chair of the History of World War II, Universite libre de BruxellsClick here for more.