• Modern United States History
  • African American History
  • African History

Berkeley’s Civil Rights Movement
History of Jazz in the Pacific World

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  • History 169AR: Afro-American History (Colonial)
  • History 169BR: Afro-American History (Nineteenth Century)
  • History 169CR: Afro-American History (Twentieth Century)
  • History 169MR: History of Afro-American Thought
  • History 169P: Proseminar in Afro-American History
  • San Francisco African American Historical and Cultural Society Keynote Speaker Award (2005) for Pioneer Urbanites
  • Fulbright Fellow, African Regional Research Program (Kenya and Tanzania).
  • Fulbright Fellowship for teaching African American History and the History of Jazz and, also, for researching the history of jazz in Japan.
  • Consultant, NEH
  • Consultant, National Museum of African American Music
  • Consultant, Carnegie Hall
  • Consultant, National Endowment for the Humanities.