• Contributor to Wikipedia
  • Research on the Atlantic world and visual culture in Latin America
  • El Libro de Testamentos de Culhuacan: Vida y Muerte entre los Nahuas del Mexico Central, Siglo XVI Universidad Iberoamericana Press February 2023.Trilingual edition of The Testaments of Culhuacan with transcription from the Nahuatl and translation to Spanish and English, (joint with Miguel Leon-Portilla, and with the collaboration of Juan Carlos Torres Lopez), and analytical study, Digital, open-source. ISBN 978-607-417-967-5
  • Winner 2023, Mexican National Institute of Antholopology and History Antonio Garcia Cubas Award.
  • “Guadalupe and the Castas: The Power of a Singular Mexican Colonial Painting”
    Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos Vol. 31, Issue 2, Summer 2015, pages 218–247.
    Winner: 2016 Latin American Studies Association, Mexico Section, best article in the Humanities.
  • The Early History of Greater Mexico (with Ida Altman and Javier Pescador), Prentice Hall, 2003. (textbook)
  • The Book of Tributes: Early Sixteenth-Century Nahuatl Censuses from Morelos Mexico. UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1993. (book)
  • “The Spiritual Conquest Re-Examined: Baptism and Church Marriage in Early Sixteenth-Century Mexico” Hispanic American Historical Review, 1993. (article)
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  • The Conquest of New Spain 1585 Revision by Fray Bernardino de Sahagun.  (editor) University of Utah Press 1989. (book)
  • Elected member for a two-year term, 2018-2020, Board of Directors of the Conference on Latin American History, organization of Latin Americanists affiliated with the American Historical Association.
  • Winner, Latin American Studies Association, Mexico section, Best Article in the Humanities, for “Guadalupe and the Castas: The Power of a Singular Mexican Colonial Painting.” (2016)
  • Winner, Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies, Edwin Lieuwen Award for the Promotion of Excellence in Teaching Latin American Studies. (2016)   http://rmclas.org/edwin-lieuwen-award/
  • Winner, Harold J. Plous Award (outstanding assistant professor at University of California, Santa Barbara) 1986
  • Winner, Academic Senate Graduate Mentor Award (2010)
  • Winner, Latin American and Iberian Studies Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)
  • Anonymous editor, Wikipedia
  • Member, National Endowment for the Humanities Kluge Grants Committee 2014
  • Member, American Historical Association. 2014 Convention Program Committee
  • Director, Latin American & Iberian Studies Program UCSB 1986-89; 2003-06
  • Chair, Department of History, UCSB 1995-97

Doctoral Students

  • Dr. Rafaela Acevedo-Field (2012)
    Diss. “Denunciation of Faith and Family: Crypto-Jews and the Inquisition in Seventeenth-Century Mexico.”
  • Dr. David Burden (2005)
    Diss. “La idea salvadora: Immigration and Colonization Politics in Mexico 1821-1909”.
  • Dr. Jason Dormady (2007)
    Diss. published as Primitive Religion: Restorationist Religion and the Idea of the Mexican Revolution 1940-1968. U New Mexico Press.
  • Dr. David Espinosa (1997)
    Diss. published as Jesuit Student Groups, the Universidad Iberoamericana, and Political Resistance in Mexico, 1913-1979. University of New Mexico Press
  • Dr. Cheryl Jimenez Frei (2018)
    Diss. “Shaping and Contesting the Past: Monuments, Memory, and Identity in Buenos Aires, 1811-present”.
  • Dr. Lee Goodwin (2022)
    Diss. “‘Bartering Hunger for Nakedness’: Frontier Exchange Economy of Spanish Colonial Texas”
  • Dr. Ronald J. Morgan (1998)
    Diss. Published as: Spanish American Saints and the Rhetoric of Identity. U Arizona Press.
  • Dr. Monica Orozco (1999)
    Diss. “Protestant Missionaries, Mexican Liberals, Nationalism and the Issue of Cultural Incorporation of Indians”
  • Dr. Stanley Shadle (1994)
    Diss. published as Andres Molina Enriquez: Mexican Land Reformer of the Revolutionary Era. U Arizona Press