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Tools for Healing from Global Race-Making  


About the Course:

This course explores and seeks to undo the severe impact the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and enslavement of African men, women, and children in the Americas did to collective perceptions about worth, dignity, gender, and race, in the Atlantic World and beyond. Through the reading of secondary sources, the Slavevoyages.org database, and primary sources, this course will cover aspects of the Atlantic World from the beginning of the sixteenth century, until the end of the nineteenth century. The course will guide everyone in a process of unpacking, reflecting, healing, and re-contextualizing the ways in which historical power dynamics have conditioned how we think of Blackness, Africa, its inhabitants, and people of African descent.  


No pre-requisites have been entered for this course.


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Evelyne Laurent-Perrault   

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