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Seminar in Medieval History


About the Course:

As a group reading course over two quarters, the themes of the course involve reflecting on how your present or possible work or research fits into the historical study of the Middle Ages, the field of Medieval Studies, and history in general. It incorporates and welcomes other time periods and places. This widely encompassing course will help you in positioning your research and writing. In consultation with your advisor and the instructor, students will select their topics for the course – what you are presently doing for a dissertation or to start to formulate a possible dissertation topic. We will moreover be compiling individual bibliographies, discussing everyone’s sources, reflecting on possible theoretical aspects of your work, and doing translations in common as well as we can. We will read theoretical articles together that are to be suggested by the students. We will do a close reading of the texts brought forward by the individual student. Our work will be about your various research projects!  The instructor understands that the students will be at various levels of experience and stages of personal research. Among the specific themes we will emphasize are: Medieval World History, medievalism and ideology, how your research might be perceived by the modern world over time. We will also study in some detail  the influence of nationalism, racism, and colonialism on history study and our concepts. We will look at the state and role of the digital humanities for our projects.


No pre-requisites have been entered for this course.


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Edward D. English   

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