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Readings in Early Modern Europe


About the Course:

Recommended Preparation: Hist 9 and Writ 109HU

This course will be a discussion, reading of a single document, and critique of your peers’ papers. Certain principles and rules for the study of history will be discussed. The main thrust of the course, however, is the analysis and writing of one or two short (500 to 600) word papers on some excerpts translated from one of Richelieu’s most famous writings, The Political Testament.

Read more about the Fall 2020 offering here: For-whom-did-the-Bayle-Toil (2)


Prerequisite: HIST 129A or 129B or 129C or 129D or 129E or 129F or upper division standing.


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Paul Sonnino   

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