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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medieval Studies


About the Course:

Students attend and write responses to papers by visiting lecturers on topics in various fields of Medieval Studies. Themes will vary from year to year.

Enrollment Comments: Students enroll in the course for the entire Academic year. They attend and write papers on quarterly colloquia. A three- quarter in-progress sequence course with grades for all quarters issued upon completion of Medieval Studies 200C.

The course will meet about five times a quarter. It is a three-quarter in-progress course, so students will be expected to take it throughout the academic year. The topics of our discussion will be on the current and evolving interests of research in interdisciplinary Medieval Studies such as gender in Medieval culture, plague and society, the use of concepts of Medieval Europe in contemporary politics, ideas about race in Europe, and Europe and the wider world, among others. 


Instructor approval required prior to enroll.


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Edward D. English   

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