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Writing for a Non-Academic Audience


About the Course:

History is writing. Clio, the muse of history, is often depicted with quill feather, papyrus scrolls, and other attributes to record the past. But also for historians in our day, writing is often a central component of their work. Whether they are employed in academia, the cultural sector, creative industries, journalism, teaching, the corporate world, or elsewhere, writing is often a central element of their work. This course offers students an intensive practice of writing and editorial skills. Students will be divided in small editorial groups. Each week, students will write and re-write a short text and provide feedback, input and inspiration to students in their editorial group. Students will write texts in several genres: obituary/profile, book review, historical analysis, column/op-ed, interview/human interest story. Finally, they will work on and produce a feature story: a longread that analyses the present in light of the past, and that combines several journalistic, story telling and writing techniques.


Undergraduate degree in History.


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