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Summer 2020W 2A OnlineWorld History (Session A)
Summer 2020W 4B OnlineMedieval and Early Modern Europe (Session A)
Summer 2020W 80-1 OnlineChinese Civilization (Session A)
Summer 2020W 80-2 OnlineChinese Civilization (Session B)
Fall 2020/ME ST 200AInterdisciplinary Approaches to Medieval StudiesF10:00am-12:50pm
Winter 2021MDVST 200BInterdisciplinary Approaches to Medieval StudiesF11am-1:50pm
Spring 2021MDVST 200CIntro to Medieval StudiesF11am-1:50pm
Summer 2021W2AWorld History (Session A)
Summer 2021W4BMedieval and Early Modern Europe (Session A)
Summer 2021W80Chinese Civilization (Session A and B)
Winter 20192BWorld History (1000 CE to 1700 CE)TR12:30-1:45pm
2XXGraduate course
Winter 20192A World History (Prehistory to 1000CE)TR 11:00- 12:15pm
2CWorld History (1700CE-PRESENT)MW12:30-1:45pm
2A World History (Prehistory to 1000CE)MW3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20192CWORLD HISTORY (1700 CE TO PRESENT)M/W2:00-3:15pm
Fall 20192BWorld HistoryT/R8-9:15am
Fall 20192CWorld HistoryT/R9:30-10:45am
Winter 20202AWorld HistoryTR2:00-3:15pm
Spring 20202AWorld HistoryT/R9:30-10:45am
Spring 20202CWorld HistoryT/R 2:00-3:15pm
Summer 20202CWorld History (Session B)M/T/W/R6:30-7:45pm
Fall 20202AWorld HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Fall 20202BWorld HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 20212CWorld HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 20212CWorld HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 20212AWorld HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Summer 20212CWorld History (Session B)
Winter 20194BMedieval and Early Modern EuropeTR3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20194BMedieval and Early Modern EuropeM/W9:30-10:45am
Spring 20194CMODERN EUROPET/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 20204BWestern CivilizationT/R 3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20204CModern EuropeM/W3:30-4:45pm
Summer 20204CModern Europe (Session B)M/T/W/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 20214BMedieval and Early Modern EuropeAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 20214CModern EuropeAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 20214BMedieval and Early Modern EuropeM/W12:30-1:45pm
Summer 20214CModern Europe (Session B)
5The History of The PresentMW3:30-4:45pm
Winter 20215The History of the PresentAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Fall 20197Great Issues in the History of Public PolicyT/R11am-12:15pm
Winter 20198Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR5:00- 6:15pm
8Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR5:00-6:15pm
Winter 20208Introduction to History of Latin AmericaW/F 3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20208Introduction to the History of Latin AmericaT/R11:00-12:15pm
Fall 20208Intro to Latin American HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 20218Introduction to History of Latin AmericaAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 20199Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsT9:00-11:50am
Winter 20199Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsTR2:00-3:15
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
9Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsTR9:30-10:45am
Fall 20199Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsT/R2-3:15pm
Fall 20199Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsW/F2-3:15pm
Winter 20209Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsT/R8:00-9:15am
Winter 20209Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsM1:00-3:50pm
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Spring 20209Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsT/R2:00-3:15pm
Fall 20209Historical InvestigationsT/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 20219Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsAsynchronous lecture
Winter 20219Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsAsynchronous lecture
Spring 20219Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsT/R9:30-10:45am
Winter 201917BThe American PeopleTR3:30-4:45pm
17AThe American PeopleMW11:00-12:15pm
Fall 201917AThe American PeopleM/W 3:30-4:45pm
Winter 202017BAmerican PeopleM/W/F11:00-11:50am
Spring 202017CThe American PeopleM/W/F9:00-9:50am
Summer 202017BAmerican People (Session A)M/T/W/R11:00am-12:15pm
Summer 202017CAmerican People (Session B)M/T/W/R11:00am-12:15pm
Fall 202017AThe American PeopleAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 202117BThe American PeopleAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 202117CAmerican PeopleAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Summer 202117BThe American People (Session A)
Summer 202117C The American People (Session B)
Winter 201920Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern SocietyMW2:00-3:15
Winter 202020Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern SocietyM/W/F8:00-8:50am`
Summer 202020Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern SocietyM/T/W/R11:00am-12:15pm
Winter 202120Science and the Modern WorldM/W/F 9-9:50am
Summer 202120Science and the Modern World (Session A)
Winter 201925Violence JapanTR9:30-10:45am
46Survey of Middle Eastern HistoryMW9:30-10:45am
Spring 201946MIMODERN IRANT/R12:30-1:45pm
Spring 202046BThe Middle East: From the Nineteenth Century to the PresentM/W3:30-4:45pm
Winter 202046AThe Middle East from Muhammad to the Nineteenth CenturyT/R9:30-10:45am
Summer 202046BThe Middle East: From the Nineteenth Century to the Present (Session A)T/W/R2-3:35pm
Fall 202046BThe Middle East: From the Nineteenth Century to the PresentAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 202146AThe Middle East from Muhammad to the Nineteenth CenturyAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 202146MIModern Iran and Global PoliticsT/R12:30-1:45pm
Winter 201949BSurvey of African HistoryTR5:00- 6:15pm
Fall 201949CSurvey of African HistoryT/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 202049ASurvey of African HistoryM/W5:00-6:15pm
Spring 202049BSurvey of African HistoryT/R5:00-6:15pm
Fall 202049CSurvey of African HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Winter 202149BSurvey of African HistoryAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Spring 202149ASurvey of African HistoryT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 201956Introduction to Mexican HistoryM/W5-6:15pm
Winter 201974Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Historical and Global ContextMW2:00-3:15
Fall 201974Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice in Historical and Global ContextM/W2-3:15pm
Fall 202074Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Historical and Global ContextAsynchronous lectureSynchronous discussion sections
Summer 202174 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice in Historical and Global Context (Session A)
80Chinese CivilizationMW11:00am-12:15pm
Winter 202180Chinese CivilizationM/W5-6:15pm
Winter 201987Japanese History Through Art and LiteratureTR8:00- 9:15am
Spring 202087Japanese History Through Art and LiteratureT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 201988Survey of South Asian HistoryT/R5-6:15pm
Winter 202188Survey of South Asian HistoryAsynchronous lectureAsynchronous discussion sections
99Introduction to ResearchTBATBA
Winter 2019100HHistorical WritingR1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2020101GComparative Histories of Same-Sex Practices and Gender VarianceW/F2:00-3:15pm
Spring 2020101WRUndergraduate Research Seminar in World HistoryT2:00-4:50pm
Spring 2020101Historical FictionM/W9:30-10:45am
Summer 2021101Historical Fiction (Session A)
102PHSpecial TopicsW/F11:00- 12:15pm
Winter 2020102PHPhotography and HistoryW/F11:00-12:15am
Winter 2021102BFBlack RevolutionariesT/R12:30-1:45pm
Spring 2021102HDHistory of Documentary PhotographyT/R3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2020104GThe Trial of GalileoT/R3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2020105CWScience and Technology in the Cold WarT/R11:00- 12:15pm
Spring 2020105RUndergraduate Research Seminar in History in Atomic Age ProblemsR1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2021105CWScience and Technology in the Cold WarAsynchronous lecture
Winter 2019106BThe Scientific Revolution, 1500 to 1800MWF10:00-10:50am
Spring 2021107CThe Darwinian Revolution and Modern BiologyAsynchronous lecture
Fall 2020107SHistory of Biology and SocietyAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2019108WWildlife in AmericaT/R12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2021108LTHistory of Technology and LawW/F9:30-10:45am
Winter 2019111FAchaemenid Persia, 559-330BCEMW3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2019111RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Greek HistoryM2:00-4:50 PM
Winter 2020111BHistory of GreeceM/W2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2020111RResearch Seminar in Greek HistoryW1-3:50pm
Winter 2021111FAchaemenid PersiaAsynchronous lecture
Winter 2020112CDisaster and Reform in RomeT/R9:30-10:45am
Winter 2021112DThe Roman World in Late AntiquityW/F 9:30-10:45am
Spring 2021114AHistory of Christianity: Beginning to 800W/F9:30-10:45am
Summer 2021114AHistory of Christianity: Beginning to 800 (Session B)
115AWorlds of Medieval ItalyMW9:30-10:45am
Winter 2019115BTHE WORLDS OF RENAISSANCE ITALY, 1300-1500MW2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2019115BThe World of Renaissance Italy, 1300-1500T/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2020115AMedieval ItalyAsynchronous lecture
Winter 2021115XMedieval ScandalsAsynchronous lecture
Winter 2019117ESociety and Nature in the Middle AgesTR2:00-3:15
Summer 2021117CWomen, The Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages (Session A)
Fall 2019118BMuslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain: Conquest, Colonization, and CoexistenceM/W3:30-4:45pm
121DCrime and Punishment in Early Modern EuropeTR9:30-10:45am
Winter 2020121DCrime and Punishment in Early Modern EuropeW/F9:30-10:45am
Winter 2020121EFrom the Commercial Revolution to the Industrial Revolution: European Economic and Social HistoryT/R12:30-1:45pm
Spring 2020121RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early Modern Europe, 1450-1700W1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2020121AItalian RenaissanceAsynchronous lecture
Fall 2020121RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early Modern Europe, 1450-1700F1-3:50pm
Winter 2021121CFrance in the Sixteenth CenturyT/R2-3:15pm
Spring 2021121FFrance in the Seventeenth CenturyM/W2-3:15pm
Winter 2021121ETopics in Early Modern European HistoryAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2019122Reformation and Counter-ReformationT/R11:00am-12:15pm
Spring 2020123CEurope Since HitlerM/W2:00-3:15pm
Spring 2020123AEurope in the Nineteenth CenturyM/W12:30-1:45pm
Summer 2020123BEurope in War and Revolution (Session A)M/T/W/R3:30-4:35pm
123Q/201CTopics in Twentieth-Century Europe/Advanced Historical Literature – Comparative
Fall 2020123Q/201CTopics in Twentieth-Century Europe/Advanced Historical Literature – ComparativeM10:00am-12:50pm
Fall 2020123CEurope Since HitlerT/R2-3:15pm
124AWomen, Gender and Sexuality in Europe, 1750-1914TR3:30-4:45pm
Summer 2020124BWomen, Gender, and Sexuality in Europe (Session A)T/W/R2-3:35pm
Winter 2021125Medieval Medicine: The Discourse and Practices of Medicine in the Middle AgesM/W/F 11:00-11:50am
Fall 2019127AHistory of the French EmpireM/W5-6:15pm
Spring 2021127FThe French RevolutionT/R2-3:15pm
129FEurope in the Eighteenth CenturyMW2:00-3:15pm
129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeW4:00-6:50pm
Fall 2019129AEurope in the Seventeenth CenturyT/R2-3:15pm
Fall 2019129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeR4-6:50pm
Winter 2020129BEurope in the Seventeenth CenturyM/W12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2020129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeM4:00-6:50pm
Fall 2020129CEurope in the Seventeenth CenturyT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2020129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeT3-5:50pm
Spring 2021129DEurope in the Eighteenth CenturyT/R12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2020130Slavery in the Premodern WorldM/W3:30-4:45pm
133ANineteenth Century GermanyTR2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2019133BTwentieth Century Germany, Part ITR2:00-3:15
Spring 2019133CTwentieth Century Germany, Part IIT/R11:00am-12:15pm
Spring 2019133RUndergraduate Research Seminar in German or Genocide HistoryM2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2020133DThe Nazi Holocaust and Other GenocidesT/R2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2020133QReadings on the HolocaustM4:00-6:50pm
Winter 2020135CHistory of RussiaM/W2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2020135RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Modern Russian/Soviet HistoryT1:00-3:50pm
Summer 2020135BHistory of Russia (Session B)M/T/W2-3:35pm
Winter 2021135BRussian Empire, 1801-1917T/R9:30-10:45am
Spring 2021135CHistory of RussiaT/R11am-12:15pm
Summer 2021135BHistory of Russia (Session B)
Winter 2019136MHistory of U.S.-Mexican RelationsMW5:00- 6:15pm
Winter 2021136MHistory of U.S.-Mexican RelationsT/R5-6:15pm
Winter 2021136WWomen and RevolutionAsynchronous lecture
Winter 2019140AEarly Modern BritainWF12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2019140AEarly Modern BritainM/W9:30-10:45am
Winter 2019141ANineteenth-Century BritainWF9:30-10:45am
Spring 2019141RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Modern British HistoryR1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2020141BTwentieth-Century BritainT/R9:30-10:45am
Spring 2020141RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Modern British HistoryR2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2020141ANineteenth-Century BritainW/F11:00-12:15pm
Fall 2020141CBritish EmpireT/R9:30-10:45am
Winter 2021141RUndergraduate Research Seminar in British EmpireW2-4:50pm
Summer 2021141BTwentieth-Century Britain (Session A)
Fall 2019142ALAmerican Legal & Constitutional HistoryT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2020142ALAmerican Legal Constitutional HistoryW/F 9:30-10:45am
Winter 2021144JRace and Juvenile Justice in U.S. HistoryT/R2-3:15pm
Spring 2019145CThe Middle East III: Early Modern Empires and Transformations, 1500-1800T/R9:30-10:45am
Fall 2019145AThe Middle East I: From the Origins of Islam to the Year 1000T/R9:30-10:45am
Fall 2020145BThe Middle East II: The Era of Invasions, 1000-1500Asynchronous lecture
Fall 2019146RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Middle Eastern HistoryM3-5:50pm
Winter 2020146THistory of Israel/PalestineM/W3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2021146BQReadings Seminar in the Body and Revolution in Middle East HistoryM12:00-2:50pm
Spring 2019147RUndergraduate Research Seminar in African HistoryT2:00-4:50pm
Spring 2020147RUndergraduate Research Seminar in African HistoryT11:00-1:50pm
Winter 2021147RUndergraduate Research Seminar in African HistoryM10-12:50pm
Summer 2020147DHistory of Development in AfricaT/W/R3:30-4:55pm
148AUAfrican Urban History: From the Ancient City State to the Contemporary MetropolisMW11:00-12:15pm
Fall 2019148BColonial Southern AfricaT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2019148PLPolitics and Leisure in AfricaM/W9:30-10:45am
Winter 2021148APre-Colonial Southern AfricaAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2019149IAIslam in AfricaM/W2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2020149ADIntroduction to the History of the African DiasporaT/R2:00-3:15pm
Spring 2020149IAIslam in AfricaM/W3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2021149IAIslam in AfricaM/W3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2020151CLatin American HistoryM/W12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2020151RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Latin American HistoryW9:00-11:50am
Fall 2020151FQLatin American History through FilmW4-6:50pm
Spring 2021151RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Latin American History: Fascism, Dictatorship, and State TerrorismF2-4:50pm
156AHistory of Mexico: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial PeriodsTR3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2019156BHistory of MexicoMW3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2020156AHistory of Mexico: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial PeriodsT/R12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2020156RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Mexican HistoryW12:00-2:50pm
Spring 2021156AHistory of Mexico: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial PeriodsM/W2-3:15pm
159BWomen in American History (Cross-listed with FEM ST 159B)MWF11:00-11:50am
Winter 2019159RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Women’s HistoryT11:00-1:50pm
Fall 2019159BWomen in American HistoryM/W/F11-11:50am
Winter 2020159RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Women’s HistoryM10:00-12:50pm
Spring 2020159CWomen in Twentieth Century American HistoryM/W/F11:00-11:50am
Fall 2020159BWomen in American HistoryAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2021159CWomen in Twentieth Century American HistoryW2-4:50pm
161BColonial and Revolutionary AmericaTR11:00-12:15pm
Fall 2019161BColonial and Revolutionary AmericaT/R9:30-10:45am
Summer 2020161BColonial and Revolutionary America (Session A)T/W/R2-3:25pm
Spring 2021161BColonial and Revolutionary AmericaAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2021161RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early American HistoryW1-3:50pm
164IBAmerican ImmigrationTR2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2020164CCivil War and ReconstructionAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2021164IBAmerican ImmigrationT/R2-3:15pm
166CUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyTR11:00-12:15pm
Winter 2019166DUnited States History Since WatergateMW2:00-3:15
Fall 2019166RUndergraduate Research Seminar in 20th Century U.S. HistoryW9-11:50am
Winter 2020166DUnited States History Since WatergateT/R11:00- 12:15pm
Winter 2021166CUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2021166LBAmerican Legal HistoryW/F 9:30-10:45am
167CBCapital and Class in 20th Century AmericaM/W5:00-6:15pm
Spring 2020167QLabor Studies Internship Research SeminarW10:00-12:50pm
Fall 2020167CBCapital and Class in 20th Century AmericaM/W12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2021167CAHistory of the American Working Class, 1800-1900M/W11am-12:15pm
Winter 2021167QLabor Studies Internship Research SeminarT11am-1:50pm
168BHistory of the ChicanosTR12:30-1:45pm
Spring 2019168MMiddle Eastern AmericansM/W9:30-10:45am
Winter 2020168NInterracial IntimacyT/R3:30-4:45pm
Fall 2020168AHistory of the ChicanosM/W5:00-6:15pm
Fall 2020168CRUndergraduate Research Seminar in Chicano HistoryM12:00-2:50pm
Winter 2021168BHistory of the ChicanosM/W2-3:15pm
Fall 2020170AA History of Social Policy in the United StatesT/R11:00am-12:15pm
Winter 2021170BLaw and Social PolicyT/R11am-12:15pm
Winter 2020171CThe United States and the World, 1898-1945T/R2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2020171RUndergraduate Research Seminar in American Diplomacy and PoliticsT11:00-1:50pm
Spring 2020171DThe United States and the World Since 1945T/R2:00-3:15pm
Summer 2021171DThe United States and the World Since 1945 (Session B)
Winter 2019172APolitics and Public Policy in the United StatesMW3:30-4:45pm
Fall 2019172BPolitics and Public Policy in the United StatesM/W2-3:15pm
Summer 2020173TEnvironmental History (Session B)M/T/W/R9:30-10:35am
Spring 2021173TAmerican Environmental HistoryM/W12:30-1:45pm
Summer 2021173TAmerican Environmental History (Session A)
Spring 2019174BWealth and Poverty in AmericaM/W3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2019174CWealth and Poverty in AmericaT/R3:30-4:45pm
Fall 2019174BWealth and Poverty in AmericaT/R3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2020174QCapstone Seminar in Poverty, Inequality, and Social JusticeM10:00-12:50pm
Fall 2020174BWealth and Poverty in AmericaM/W2-3:15pm
Spring 2021174QCapstone Seminar in Poverty, Inequality, and Social JusticeM9-11:50am
175AAmerican Cultural HistoryTR9:30-10:45am
Spring 2020175BAmerican Cultural HistoryT/R9:30-10:45am
Spring 2020175DAmerican Family HistoryT/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2021175BAmerican Cultural HistoryAsynchronous lecture
Summer 2021175BAmerican Cultural History (Session B)
Winter 2019176B The American WestMW2:00-3:15
Summer 2020176BThe American West (Session B)M/T/W3:30-4:55pm
Spring 2021176RUndergraduate Research Seminar in the History of Drugs and AlcoholF9-11:50am
177History of CaliforniaMW3:30-4:45pm
177RUndergraduate Research Seminar in California HistoryM9:00-11:50am
Spring 2020177History of CaliforniaM/W5:00-6:15pm
Summer 2020177History of California (Session A)M/T/W/R9:30-10:35am
Fall 2020177History of CaliforniaAsynchronous lecture
Summer 2021177History of California (Session A)
Spring 2020178BAmerican Urban HistoryM/W2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2021178AAmerican Urban HistoryT/R3:30-4:45pm
179ANative American History to 1838TR6:30-7:45pm
Spring 2019179BNATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY, 1838 TO THE PRESENTM/W12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2019184AHistory of ChinaTR9:30-10:45am
Spring 2020184BHistory of ChinaM/W9:30-10:45am
Summer 2020184BHistory of China (Session A)M/T/W/R11:00am-12:05pm
Winter 2021184BHistory of ChinaM/W2-3:15pm
Winter 2021184THistory of Traditional Chinese ThoughtM/W 3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2021184AHistory of ChinaAsynchronous lecture
Spring 2021184RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early Chinese HistoryR11am-1:50pm
Summer 2021184BHistory of China (Session B)
Winter 2019185AQing EmpireMW9:30-10:45am
Winter 2020185BModern China Since 1911M/W5:00- 6:15pm
Spring 2020185RUndergraduate Research Seminar on Modern ChinaR9:00-11:50am
Fall 2020185AModern Chinese HistoryM/W5:00-6:15pm
Winter 2021185RUndergraduate Research Seminar on Modern ChinaT2-4:50pm
187BModern JapanMW2:00-3:15pm
187RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Japanese HistoryTR12:30-1:45pm
Spring 2019187SThe SamuraiM/W3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2020187CRecent JapanT/R12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2020187AHistory of JapanM/W/F 1:00-1:50pm
Winter 2021187RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Japanese HistoryT9-11:50am
Spring 2021187SThe SamuraiM/W/F 11:00-11:50am
Winter 2020188SRepresentations of Sexuality in Modern JapanM/W5:00- 6:15pm
189EHistory of the PacificTR3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2019189MSouth Asian Public CultureT/R2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2020189MSouth Asian Public CultureT/R3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2020192Public HistoryT/R9:30-10:45am
Fall 2020192Public HistoryM/W3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2021192RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Public HistoryW2-4:50pm
Winter 2019193FFOOD IN WORLD HISTORYTR12:30-1:45pm
Spring 2020193FFood in World HistoryT/R5:00-6:15pm
Summer 2020193FFood in World History (Session B)M/T/W/R9:30-10:35am
Winter 2021193CThe Early Caribbean in the Atlantic World (ca. 1500 – ca. 1850)T/R11am-12:15pm
Spring 2021193FFood in World HistoryAsynchronous lecture
194AHSenior Honors SeminarW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2019194BHSENIOR HONORS SEMINARW1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2019194AHSenior Honors SeminarR12-2:50pm
Winter 2020194BHSenior Honors SeminarR12:00-2:50pm
Fall 2020194AHSenior Honors SeminarT9-11:50am
Winter 2021194BHSenior Honors SeminarR11am-1:50pm
Winter 2019195IASENIOR THESIST1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2020195IASenior ThesisR3:00-5:50pm
Winter 2021195IASenior ThesisR3-5:50pm
Spring 2021195IBSenior Thesis – Public Policy
196Internship in HistoryTBATBA
Fall 2020196JA-JCInternship in Scholarly PublishingT2-4:50pm
Winter 2021196JA-JCInternship in Scholarly PublishingT2-4:50pm
Spring 2021196JA-JCInternship in Scholarly PublishingT2-4:50pm
Spring 2021197LAArt and Culture in Latin America’s Cold WarAsynchronous lecture
199Independent StudiesTBATBA
199RAIndependent Research AssistanceTBATBA
Fall 2019200ASHistorical Literature: AsiaR3-5:50pm
Fall 2019200ASHistorical Literature: AsiaT9-11:50am
200EHistorical Literature: Europe
Spring 2020200EHistorical Literature: EuropeT12:00 -2:50pm
Winter 2020200GHistorical Literature: Comparative Histories of Sex, Gender, and ColonialismR10:00-12:50pm
Winter 2020200EHistorical Literature: EuropeW9-11:50am
201EAdvanced Historical Literature — Europe  
201OHAdvanced Historical Literature – Oral History
201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: American
201REAdvanced Historical Literature: Race and Ethnicity
201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureR1:00-3:50pm
201AFAdvanced Historical Literature: AfricaT2-4:50pm
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeR1-3:50pm
201MEAdvanced Historical Literature: Middle EastT10am-12:50pm
Winter 2019201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: AmericaR2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2019201CAdvanced Historical Literature: ComparativeF/RF: 9:00am-11:50am R: 7:00-9:30pm
Winter 2019201EAdvanced Historical Literature: ComparativeM12:00-2:50pm
Winter 2019201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeW9:00-11:50am
Winter 2019201WDAdvanced Historical Literature: WorldT5:00-7:50pm
Winter 2019201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeW9:00-11:50am
Winter 2019201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureF12:00 -2:50pm
201LAAdvanced Historical Literature: Latin AmericaW1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2019201AMAdvanced Historical LiteratureW2-4:50pm
Fall 2019201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureT2-4:50pm
Fall 2019201HTAdvanced Historical Literature: History of TechnologyM9-11:50am
Winter 2020201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureF10am-12:50pm
Winter 2020201EAdvanced Historical Literature: Europe – Cultural and Artistic Exchanges, 15th to 19th centuriesW9:00am-11:50am
Winter 2020201MEAdvanced Historical LiteratureR3:00-5:50pm
Spring 2020201DHTheories and Practices of “Digital History”M9:00-11:50am
Spring 2020201LAAdvanced Historical Literature: Latin AmericaW5:00-7:50pm
Spring 2020201MEAdvanced Historical Literature: Middle EastT3:00-5:50pm
Spring 2020201STopics in the History of ScienceR11:00-1:50pm
Fall 2020201ASAdvanced Historical Literature: AsiaM3-5:50pm
Fall 2020201AFAdvanced Historical Literature: AfricaR10:00am-12:50pm
Fall 2020201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: America (Race after Slavery)T10:00am-12:50pm
Fall 2020201MEAdvanced Historical Literature: Middle EastT5:00-7:50pm
Winter 2021201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: Trade, Politics, and Power in Early North America and the Atlantic WorldM12-2:50pm
Winter 2021201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureR12-2:50pm
Winter 2021201ELatin PaleographyW12-2:50pm
Winter 2021201MEAdvanced Historical LiteratureT1-3:50pm
Winter 2021201STopics in the History of ScienceR9-11:50am
Spring 2021201AFAdvanced Historical Literature: AfricaT3-5:50pm
Spring 2021201EAdvanced Historical Literature: Latin PaleographyW11am-1:50pm
Spring 2021201MEAdvanced Historical Literature: Middle EastT3-5:50pm
Spring 2021201REAdvanced Historical Literature: Race and EthnicityW1-3:50pm
Spring 2021201STopics in the History of ScienceT9-11:50am
Winter 2021201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeW9-11:50am
202Historical MethodsW2-4:50pm
Winter 2020202Historical MethodsW4:00-6:50pm
Spring 2020202Historical MethodsT9:00-11:50am
Winter 2021202Historical MethodsF9-11:50am
Winter 2020203ASeminar in Comparative HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2020203BSeminar in Comparative HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2019205APublic Historical StudiesW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2020205APublic Historical StudiesW9:00-11:50am
Winter 2021205APublic Historical StudiesT2-4:50pm
206History and Theory
Winter 2020209HWriting for a Non-Academic AudienceW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2021209AThe Academic Profession of HistoryW9-11:50am
210RARace, Religion, & RevolutionT11:00-12:30pm
Winter 2020210RARace, Religion, & RevolutionR4-6
Spring 2020210RBRace, Religion, & RevolutionR4:00-5:50pm
Winter 2021210RARace, Religion, & RevolutionR4-5:50pm
Spring 2021210RBRace, Religion, and RevolutionT4-5:50pm
Winter 2019215EResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryF9:00-11:50am
Spring 2019215FResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryF9:00-11:50am
Fall 2019215EResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryM10am-12:50pm
Winter 2020215FResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryT10:00-12:50pm
Fall 2020215AResearch Seminar in Medieval HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2021215BResearch Seminar in Medieval HistoryW1-3:50pm
Spring 2019221AResearch Seminar in Transnational EmpireW9:00-11:50am
Fall 2019221BResearch Seminar in Transnational EmpireW9-11:50am
Spring 2020223ASeminar in Modern European HistoryM12:00-2:50pm
Fall 2020223BResearch Seminar in Modern European HistoryM1-3:50pm
Winter 2021223AResearch Seminar in Modern and Early Modern European HistoryT3-5:50pm
Spring 2021223BSeminar in Modern European HistoryT2-4:50pm
Fall 2019224AResearch Seminar in Race, Gender, and InequalityT11am-1:50pm
Winter 2020224BResearch Seminar in Race, Gender, and InequalityT10:00-12:50pm
Winter 2020250BFoundations of Latin American History: the Nineteenth CenturyT4:00-6:50pm
Spring 2021253ASpecial Seminar in Latin American HistoryM4-6:50pm
Fall 2020266AResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryR2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2021266BResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryR2-4:50pm
Fall 2019267ASeminar in American Economic HistoryM2-4:50pm
Winter 2020267BSeminar in American Economic HistoryM1:00-3:50pm
275AAmerican Cultural HistoryW9-11:50am
Winter 2019275BAmerican Cultural HistoryF9:00-11:50am
Spring 2021282GGlobal South AsiaM2-4:50pm
287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4-4:50pm
Winter 2019287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4:00-4:50pm
Fall 2019287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4-5:30pm
Spring 2020287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4:00-5:30pm
Winter 2020287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4:00-5:30pm
Fall 2020287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4:00-5:30pm
Winter 2021287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4-5:30pm
Spring 2021287JReinventing “Japan” ColloquiumW4-5:30pm
289BSeminar in Chinese HistoryM9-11:50am
Winter 2021289AResearch Seminar in Chinese HistoryM9-11:50am
Spring 2021289BSeminar in Chinese HistoryM9-11:50am
292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846F8-10:50am
Winter 2019292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917M9:00-11:50am
Fall 2019292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846W9-11:50am
Spring 2020292CFoundations of U.S. History, 1917-PresentR2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2020292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917T1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2020292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846W2-4:50pm
Winter 2021292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917W1-3:50pm
Spring 2021292CFoundations of U.S. History, 1917-PresentT10:00am-12:50pm
294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1-3:50pm
Winter 2019294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2019294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1-3:50pm
Spring 2020294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2020294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50pm
295LAWorkshop on Historical and Digital Methods in Latin-American HistoryM4:00-6:50pm
Winter 2019295LAWorkshop on Historical and Digital Methods in Latin-American HistoryM4:00-6:50pm
Winter 2019295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and Technology
Spring 2019295LAWorkshop on Historical and Digital Methods in Latin-American HistoryR4:00-6:50pm
Spring 2019295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and TechnologyT3:30-5:30pm
Fall 2019295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:30pm
Spring 2020295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:30pm
Winter 2020295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:30pm
Fall 2020295GSGender and Sexualities WorkshopR2:00-4:50pm
Fall 2020295PHPublic History ColloquiumF12:00-2:50pm
Fall 2020295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:00pm
Winter 2021295GSGender and Sexualities WorkshopR2-4:50pm
Winter 2021295PHColloquium in Public HistoryF12-2:50pm
Winter 2021295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:00pm
Spring 2021295GSGender and Sexualities ColloquiumR2:00-4:50pm
Spring 2021295PHPublic History ColloquiumF12-2:50pm
Spring 2021295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:00pm
Spring 2021295ALSeminar in Latin American HistoryF3-5:00pm

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