I am associate professor of Middle Eastern history at the University of North Texas. I came to UNT in 2006 from the University of Central Florida, where I was an assistant professor for five years. I received my Ph.D. in History at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2000. At UCSB, I studied under the direction of Professors Nancy E. Gallagher, R. Stephen Humphreys, Erika D. Rappaport, and Richard D. Hecht.

I am the author of Colonial Encounters Among English and Palestinian Women, 1800-1948, (U Press of FL, 2007), and am currently finishing a new monograph, entitled Staging the Middle East: Amusement and Knowledge in Great Britain and the United States, 1851-2001. I am also in the late stages of editing a volume, entitled Historical and Contemporary Foodways in the Middle East and North Africa. Also, I recently published, “No Escape From Reality: The Postcolonial Glam of Freddie Mercury,” in Global Glam and Popular Music (ed. by Chapman & Johnson, Routledge, 2016).

Along with my work in the history department, I am also a founding member of the Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Studies Initiative at UNT, and I am a co-editor of H-Levant. Professionally, I enjoy delving into my own research, working with my undergrads and grad students to help them achieve their learning goals, and taking part in service — particularly the type that engages the community outside of the university’s traditional boundaries. Personally, I like spending my free time shooting analogue photographs with historical cameras, indulging in various international cuisines, traveling to new and well-loved places, being physically active, spending time with loved ones, and playing with my dogs.

Gender and Colonialism in Palestine 1800-1948: Encounters among English, Arab and Jewish WomenNancy Gallagher