Course Substitutions:

Please complete the History Department Course Substitution Form if you are attempting to petition a course from outside of your major or minor requirements, or if you took a course through EAP or another US institution and would like it to be applied to your history department major or minor. A detailed course syllabus is required for any class you are planning to petition. Please reach out to the instructor or department advisor that offered the course for help obtaining the syllabus if you do not still have it. Allow a few weeks for your course petition to be reviewed.

Approved Substitutions:

Please consult the following lists to view upper division substitution courses from outside the history department that have been pre-approved for major requirements:

History Department Approved Upper Division Major Substitutionslist .

Note that this list only applies to the upper division portion of the History BA Major and the History Minor. Please visit the BLUM center website to view the approved substitutions list for the Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice minor. If you are a History of Public Policy and Law Major or a Labor Studies Minor, you must consult with your advisor before attempting to substitute any of your courses. It is important to keep in mind that you are only allowed 5 units of upper division overlap between your major and your minor or between two minors, and you are only allowed 8 units of upper division overlap between two majors. 

History Independent Studies Petition:

If you would like to enroll in History 99/196/199/199RA, please thoroughly review the Independent Study page of our website first. Once you have worked with your faculty mentor to decide the number of units you will be taking the course for, and have created a detailed course description, please email the History Undergraduate Advisor to initiate the enrollment process. The history undergraduate advisor will then send you and your professor the enrollment form via DocuSign to your UCSB email account. When your proposal has been approved by the department, you will be emailed an approval code through your UCSB email account. Please note that only 4 units of History 99 may be applied to the lower division portion of the history major and minor. Only 4 units total of History 196/199/199RA may be applied to the upper division portion of the history minor, and only 8 units may be applied to the upper division portion of the history major. 

History of Public Policy and History of Public Policy and Law Majors:

Once you have completed an upper division course for either your cognate discipline, your contrasting nations/continents/time periods, or your research requirement, the course will NOT automatically appear in your progress checks on GOLD. Please complete this Course Submission Form, and allow 1-2 weeks for these courses to be added to your progress checks. Please do not fill out this form for future quarters with courses you haven’t taken yet. 

College of Letters and Science Petitions:

Non-departmental petitions such as the late/retroactive drop petition, deficit load petition, incomplete grade petition, etc. can be found on the College of Letters and Science Website. 

Page last modified: September 15, 2021