Interested in poverty, inequality and social justice? 

Hoping to pursue these interests through interdisciplinary coursework and concrete efforts to make change?

The new Minor in Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice provides students with the tools to understand the structural and political roots, dynamics and consequences of poverty and inter-sectional inequality; conduct original research; and engage meaningfully in efforts to address poverty through policy, practice and social action. The Minor is offered through the Department of History and is interdisciplinary in scope. It is affiliated with the UCSB Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy. 

Core components include a gateway course on poverty, inequality and social justice in historical and global context, three upper division electives chosen from an interdisciplinary range of fields, an internship and a capstone course. Click to view the minor requirements in the general catalog.

Want detailed information on requirements, internships, and FAQs for this minor? Click HERE!

Contact Joanne Nowak, Blum Center Academic Coordinator ( for more details. 

Page last modified: September 15, 2021