Eden Slone, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator

Eden Slone
Eden Slone, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator for UCSB’s Office of Undergraduate Education.

Eden Slone, who graduated with a BA in History in 2014, now works as an Undergraduate Programs Coordinator for the UCSB Office of Undergraduate Education’s Academic Internship Programs (UCDC and UCCS) and Undergraduate Research Initiatives (URCA and FRAP).

She has drawn, in her job, on her own undergraduate experience as an intern in the UCDC program. To date, she has seen approximately 150 UCSB students complete internships in many different fields.

“Majoring in history has significantly enhanced my professional experience. Training in history does not only prepare students to become historians or academics, but also allows them to develop and hone skills useful for any job. As a history major, you learn how to research effectively, write clearly and efficiently, and communicate confidently.”

– Eden Slone