United States law, including constitutional law, criminal law, and legal/policy aspects of advanced technology

The legal history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

I am currently researching my third and fourth books, which will cover the legal status of Jerusalem, and the “forgotten occupation” of the West Bank and Gaza between 1949-1967.  I am also finalizing two academic journal articles — one dealing with technology and democracy; and the other offering an assessment of the Palestinian legal case for statehood.  

Author, Zionism, Palestinian Nationalism and the Law: 1939-1948 (Routledge, 2022)

Author, Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Trials of Palestine (Routledge, 2020)

Author, Reflections on Judge Richard A. Gadbois, Jr., 30 Loyola L. Rev. 1443 (1997)

Author, Victim-as-Defendant, Defendant-as-Victim:  Role Reversal Defenses and Departures at Sentencing, 7 Fed. Sent. R. 190 (1995)

Author, Don’t Junk the Guidelines, At Least for Now, 5 Fed. Sent. R. 232 (1995)

Author, Certain Uncertainty: Appellate Review and the Sentencing Guidelines, 66 S. Cal. L. Rev. 621 (1992) 

Author, Relevant Conduct and Plea Bargaining, 4 Fed. Sent. R. 223 (1992)

Co-Author, Comparative Fault and Intentional Torts: Doctrinal Barriers and Policy Considerations, 24 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1 (1984), reprinted in 34 Defense L. Journal 383 (1985)

Co-Author, Models of Israeli Social Analysis, 58 Journal of Jewish Communal Service 24 (1981)

Co-Author, Antecedents of Jewish Ethnic Relations in Israel, 42/43 Forum 15 (1981), reprinted in Spanish, 6 Rumbos 61 (1982)

History 142AL – US Constitutional History

History 108LT – History of Advanced Technology

History 166LB – American Legal History

History 165S – Legal and Political Scandals in US History

Distinguished Senior Fellow, UCLA Center for Middle East Development

Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Lecturer, UCLA Anderson School of Business and UCLA Global Studies Program

Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University Law School

Member, American Law Institute

Life Fellow, American Bar Foundation

Honorary Trustee, Mexican-American Bar Association

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